Why It Must Be NOW

Today, businesses are expected to create positive impacts on society and the environment plus remove more carbon emissions than we emit to slow the worst effects of climate change.

NOW and the United Nations Global Compact invite you...

Are you ready to make your business carbon neutral for a more profitable and sustainable future?

In order to promote climate justice, It Must Be NOW partnered with the United Nations Global Compact and they are offering the Better Hospitality Initiative (BHI) Introduction Session - usually only available to members – on a complimentary basis.

September 19th (10:00 to 11:30) in English
September 21st (17:00 to 18:30) in Spanish

Join It Must Be NOW for an exclusive masterclass covering everything from the acceleration of learning and practical tools to the financing of and communication about decarbonization, as well as give an overview of our impactful NOW Climate Positive Program.

November 7th (09:00 to 10:30) in English
November 9th (19:00 to 20:30) in Spanish

Who for? Hospitality decision makers who are ready to futureproof their business while
fighting for the planet.

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It Must Be NOW is a ‘force for good’ and facilitator focused on advancing regenerative sustainability and decarbonization to achieve Climate Positive with accountability and transparency.

What We Do

What We Do

For hotels, tourism facilities, events + sponsors and schools, we can facilitate a science-backed sustainability certification program with independent audit, its enforcement and monitoring, training to build capacity, transparent reporting and communication, and access to high-integrity carbon credit projects with controlled pricing.

How We Do it

What We Offer

The NOW Climate Positive Program & Award is a project cooperation with EarthCheck & Carbon Offset Project owner. We arrange to fully fund an Integrated Sustainability Program & provide access to high-quality carbon credits with pricing capped for up to 10 years.

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What We Aim To Achieve

What We Aim To Achieve

Businesses that put back more into society, the environment and the global economy than they take out, remove more carbon from the atmosphere than they emit and use their influence to encourage stakeholders to take action against climate change.

Transform for Good

We believe that ‘doing good’ is good for business, your competitive advantage, and your profit.
But most importantly, it benefits communities and our environment.

NOW Force for Good Alliance

Accountable and transparent businesses that take an active role in championing a Climate Positive future.

Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin
Top-end hospitality can only be considered sustainable if it takes responsibility for its total impacts on the community and the environment. The Aplina Gstaad is in the NOW Climate Positive Program and strive to practice a mindful luxury that nurtures positive impact for people and planet.

Tim Weiland, General Manager

Member of the NOW Force for Good Alliance since 2018

The Alpina Gstaad

Adrère Amellal
Sustainability has been at the heart of Soneva ever since we launched our first resort back in 1995. We are proud to partner with It Must Be NOW and the NOW Climate Positive Program at Soneva Fushi and Soneva Jani. As a business, we strive to be an example of how luxury, profitability and an exceptional guest experience can co-exist with a deep care for the earth, its ecosystems, and its people. As we face the increasing impacts of man-made climate change, our industry must take an active role to championing a climate positive future, to secure our precious planet and its resources for many generations to come.

Sonu Shivdasani, Founder & CEO

NOW Force for Good Alliance member since 2018. Achieved Climate Positive.

Soneva JaniSoneva Fushi
It Must Be NOW truly makes a difference for every hotelier who takes sustainability and ESG seriously. Joining the NOW Climate Positive Climate Program is a game changer.

Stephan Stokkermans, Managing Director

NOW Force for Good Alliance member since 2018

Grand Hotel Huis Ter Duin

Projects with Positive Impacts

High integrity and high-quality Carbon Offset Projects that support the UN SDGs.

Note: Images are representative of SDGs. Images from Carbon Offset Project to follow.