Why it must be NOW? +

Credit: Four Seasons Maldives

Why it must be NOW? +

Credit: LEAF

Why it must be NOW? +

Why it must be NOW? +

Credit: Reefscapers

Why it must be NOW? +

Transforming Tourism Businesses for a Sustainable Future

Today, there is greater expectation for business to lead and demonstrate commitment to a sustainable future with accountability and transparency. More leaders want to do the right thing on issues of climate and sustainability, but we are not yet seeing the deep transformation, systems change and carbon reduction that is urgently needed, and it's time to reset ambitions.

We exist to make travel more sustainable for travellers staying in hotels. We help to make these businesses stronger by doing good and 'giving more to the world than they take'.

Who We Are

Who We Are

NOW is an advisor and facilitator to hospitality companies and education institutions with courage to advance sustainability with accountable and transparency, and its goals to support the UN Global Goals and be Climate Positive (also known as Carbon Negative).
NOW Vision A world where travellers, tourism, the environment and society can prosper together today and into the future.


What We Aim To Achieve

What We Aim To Achieve

Businesses that tackle the climate crisis as a ‘crisis’. Sustainable business practices that drive transformative system change so greenwash and the acceptance of poor environmental and social performance are no longer acceptable. Raise the bar on reporting standards and make sustainability a SOP and core to all strategies.


Our Experience and Scope

Our Experience & Scope

NOW Team and Advisors are knowledgeable and experienced in hotel operations, asset management, marketing communications, media, sustainability, technology, and wellbeing. Our strategic partners and consultants are sustainability experts, multi-lingual trainers, independent auditors, and specialists in brand strategy, editorial content, PR and visual marketing.


WHY We Must Act NOW and Be Climate Positive (also known as Carbon Negative) Before 2030

  • It’s 2022. Based on the best available science, the Climate Clock answers the question on how much time is left before we reach 1.5°C (34.7°F), given the current trend of global CO2 emissions and the level of human-induced warming.

    1.5°C (34.7°F) above pre-industrial level is ‘the red line’, a warning indicator of where many climate impacts – on balance – go from destructive to catastrophic.

  • WHAT can each person do to boldly drive change NOW? +
  • Use the power with your wallet and your vote NOW. Only support accountable and transparent companies that aim to be Carbon Positive before 2030 and support the Global Goals. Call out companies that do little or nothing and greenwash. Track climate action in your country and demand urgent government action.

    Build personal resilience NOW
    Radically advance to a low carbon and sustainable lifestyle. Waste less.

    Invest in change NOW
    Support big movements that demand recovery programs address the climate emergency, collapsing ecosystems and deficits on social justice.

    Extinction Rebellion | 350.org | Fridays for Future | Stop Ecocide | Fossil Fuel Divestments | Possible

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Track sustainable hotels, low carbon travel, and profound travel experiences.

NOW Sustainability

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Hotel Leaders with Purpose

Credibly sustainable and transformative leaders that give more to the world than they take.

Explore thoughtfully with Stephan Stokkermans, MD of Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin


My Top Tips to Conscious Travel

  • Pack lightly, this helps reduce the plane's weight and reduce carbon emissions.
  • Use your own water bottle.
  • Do not accept plastic bottles or straws, but choose places that use alternatives like glass and paper.
  • Support the local economy.
  • Ensure electricity such as air conditioning and lights are turned off when you are not in your room.

Local Experiences in Noordwijk, Netherlands

  • ART: Explore Historical Leiden. Different Historical and National museums are all within walking distance.
  • ARTISINAL SHOPS: The shopping street in Noordwijk has a little shop named Poush. They sell products and clothes made by young local entrepreneurs.
  • DRINK & EAT:Noordwijk’s Famous Bunker Cheese. Made in the Historic Atlantikkwall bunker. High humidity, the constant temperature of 11.5 degrees and the proximity to the sea give them their own special taste.
  • CONNECT WITH NATURE: The national park “Hollands Duinen”. Walk along the coast, explore the woods, enjoy the flower fields and spot foxes and roe deer.
  • ENTERTAINMENT: Noordwijk is famous for its tulips. From March to May you will find amazing tulip fields along the road. To really be amazed by the beauty of the tulips, plan a visit to the Keukenhof!
  • BEST PLACE TO BE KISSED OR WATCH SUNRISE/SUNSET: Watch a sunset by one of the terraces of Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin. Sit in one of our idyllic white chairs, get served and enjoy the setting sun.
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Achieving Global Goals

In 2005, Reefscapers pioneered reef restoration in the Maldives with unique coral frame techniques that now rank among the most successful reef conservation programs in the world. View

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