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Explore thoughtfully with Eva & Sonu Shivdasani, the Owners of Soneva Kiri


My Top Tips to Conscious Travel

  • Ensure electricity such as air conditioning and lights are turned off when you are not in your room.
  • Do not accept plastic bottles or straws, but choose places that use alternatives like glass and paper.
  • Ask to see how the resort handles solid waste. Soneva Fushi happily takes guests on a Eco Centro tour to show our waste-to-wealth practices.
  • Choose food that has a low environmental cost. Ideally avoid meat and choose plant-based options. Shades of Green at Soneva Fushi offers fantastic plant-based dining experience.
  • Choose resorts that offset your carbon emissions including air travel. Alternatively offset your own emissions.

Local Experiences in Koh Kood Island, Thailand

  • ART: Join in the DIY workshop to learn tie-dye or make kites from local materials.
  • ARTISINAL SHOPS: Soneva gallery celebrate local artists through the selection of local handicrafts - bags, baskets, Thai silk, home-decors, etc.
  • DRINK & EAT: Dine on seven plant-based dishes that use traditional Thai ingredients and Nordic cooking techniques and cooking methods. Each dish pays celebrates local organic vegetables, fruits and herbs grown at Soneva Kiri.
  • CONNECT WITH NATURE: Mangrove Paddle-Boarding invites you to explore Koh Kood’s mangrove forests. Paddle the shoreline for a chance to see turtles, fish and nesting birds.
  • ENTERTAINMENT: Cinemaparadiso is a classic film screening in an open-air on-the-sand theatre experience with complimentary munchies served - popcorn and over 60 flavours of ice cream, a cocktail or something more substantial.
  • WATCH THE SUNSET/BE KISSED: The View delight guests with its spectacular natural vistas and unparalleled outlook.

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Achieving Global Goals

Be part of the solution. Support sustainable development goals.

Forests Without Frontiers is a non-profit tree-planting organisation, working on reforestation and rewilding projects. We create bio-diverse nature havens, working with local expert partners and help restore ecosystems. View

Forests Without Frontiers is supported by The Alpina Gstaad.

Forests Without Frontiers Life On Land

Number of Years Before 1.5°C (34.7°F)


It’s 2020 and the united science in the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) warned that we have less than 8 years of current emissions remaining in our carbon budget and we will reach the 1.5°C (34.7°F) above pre-industrial level tipping point. This will be by 2028, or less if we don’t lower our emissions to zero or if events occur to amplify warming. We are forewarned that just half a degree beyond this and we will severely destabilise our climate and worsen the climate extremes we are already experiencing today.

We are running out of time. Are you using the power of your wallet and your vote to demand change from the companies, organisations and governments you support? Change to be carbon positive and support of the global goals, and most important, full accountability and transparency with no greenwash allowed?

Track Climate Action NOW

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As we have said on so many different occasions, sustainability and wellbeing are completely intertwined, but who will lead the charge in the travel & tourism industry that seems to be lagging behind compared to some of its industry peers? Organisations like It Must Be NOW are clearly ahead of the game, setting best practices, offering certification tools and creating signalling effects. We posit that as the climate emergence intensifies, such organisations will put into motion a snowball / cascading effect. Expansion will therefore be exponential, not linear. Latecomers and doubters beware!

Thierry Malleret,
Managing Partner, Monthly Barometer

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