NOW supports both travellers and the travel industry to commit to a more sustainable and regenerative future.

Travellers use NOW to travel better, decarbonize and directly book the world’s most sustainable stays.

Hotels that join NOW are accountable, inspiring and do more than just sustain, they advance the
wellbeing of communities and the environment.

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Explore thoughtfully with Sue Williams, the General Manager of Whatley Manor


My Top Tips to Conscious Travel

  • Choose your destination by seeking a property that can evidence its responsible operating parameters. There are more & more luxury hotels that are ensuring they not only offer you the best Accommodation, Food & Beverage but the ability to do this whilst being considerate to the environment at every touch point.
  • Look out for the NOW Offset Carbon icon as this provides a calculator and offsetting tool powered by SouthPole, a provider of carbon credits with integrity. Find the NOW Offset Carbon tool in our sustainability page.
  • Slow down would be our top tip. Once you have pulled up, hand over yours keys and from that point on just seek to explore the area on foot or take a trip out on an electric bike. As you slow down you will see and hear all the natural beauty around you.

Local Experiences in Malmesbury, UK

  • ART: The Stencil Shed - take a walk around the town and see how much art you can find from our local artist SYD
  • ARTISINAL SHOPS: Malmebury Farmers Market - Friday morning is the perfect time to visit the farmers market. Selling an enticing array of local, fresh and organic produce together with artisan products and gifts at great prices.
  • DRINK & EAT: Whatley Manor – with two resturants, relaxed lounges and bars we are the perfect place to fill your refreshment needs
  • CONNECT WITH NATURE: Malmesbury’s Circular River Walk - an easy 2 mile riverside stroll around the historic hilltop town of Malmesbury.
  • ENTERTAINMENT: Birdwatching – Pull up a seat, grab a blanket and the binoculars and wait for the entertainment to come to you. Be at one with nature from our bird hide made from recycled materials from around the grounds.
  • WATCH THE SUNSET/BE KISSED: Aquarias Spa – relax in our hydrotherapy pool and float outside to watch the sun set over the rolling country side.

Experience Better Travel

Slower, sustainable, transformative … and delightfully replenishing

Hotel of the Week

The Dolder Grand, Switzerland



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MALDIVES - Baa Atoll
Four Seasons Resort Maldives at Landaa Giraavaru


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Accountable, ambitious and sets the bar higher on low carbon travel and support of Global Goals

NOW Sustainability

Find, track & directly book truly sustainable hotels


NOW Offset Carbon

Calculate & offset your air travel carbon footprint.

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We are the problem and we are the solution

2021 Actions Determine Hope for a Stable Future

  • WHY it must be NOW?
  • We have gone over the dreaded tipping points. It is no longer just about saving the planet ... it is about saving ourselves.
    It is still possible to avoid total systems collapse and catastrophe IF WE ACT NOW.
    Our Opportunity - Governments across the globe announced their recovery stimulus plans amounting to over $10 trillion.

  • WHAT can each person do to boldly drive change NOW? +
  • Invest in change NOW
    Support big movements that demand recovery programs address the climate emergency, collapsing ecosystems and deficits on social justice.

    Extinction Rebellion | | Fridays for Future | Stop Ecocide | Fossil Fuel Divestments | Possible

    Build personal resilience NOW
    Radically advance to a low carbon and sustainable lifestyle. Waste less.

    Know you have power NOW
    Only support accountable and transparent companies that aim to be carbon zero before 2030 and support the Global Goals.

  • HOW much time is left before doors close?  WHAT is the science telling us? +
  • 1.5°C (34.7°F) above pre-industrial level is the absolute ‘red line in the sand’ when a series of one-way doors start to close. Carbon Brief’s analysis for the IPCC’s 2021-2022 Assessment Report revealed that our world will likely exceed 1.5°C (34.7°F) between 2026 and 2042 (central estimate 2030 and 2032). Events are occurring to amplify warming. 2026 is in less than 5 years.

    Track Climate Action By Country NOW

It must be NOW!

NOW Guide to What’s Good Outside

Passionate hosts with purpose at The Leela Palace New Delhi, India
share their unique knowledge of local culture and experiences.


Achieving Global Goals

Action Against Hunger is a global humanitarian organisation that saves the lives of malnourished children and ensures everyone can access clean water, food, training and healthcare, enabling entire communities to be free from hunger. View

Action Against Hunger is supported by Soneva Kiri, Soneva Fushi and Soneva Jani .

Action Against Hunger Zero Hunger

NOW Press Room

As we have said on so many different occasions, sustainability and wellbeing are completely intertwined, but who will lead the charge in the travel & tourism industry that seems to be lagging behind compared to some of its industry peers? Organisations like It Must Be NOW are clearly ahead of the game, setting best practices, offering certification tools and creating signalling effects. We posit that as the climate emergence intensifies, such organisations will put into motion a snowball / cascading effect. Expansion will therefore be exponential, not linear. Latecomers and doubters beware!

Thierry Malleret,
Managing Partner, Monthly Barometer

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