Travel Thoughtfully with Tim Weiland, GM of The Alpina Gstaad


My Top Tips to Conscious Travel

  • Be informed about the destination, but don’t plan ahead too much. Be spontaneous
  • Walk as much as possible. You might discover something unexpected and change your mind
  • Ask a local for directions and recommendations. Trust them
  • Travel by train or car-share, an opportunity to get to know locals and travelers
  • Bring your own travel bottle and fill it up with the healthy Swiss Mountain water

Local Experiences Around Gstaad, Switzerland

  • ARTISAN SHOP: Heimatwerk Saanen
  • DRINK & EAT: Lunch on the Wasserngrat
  • CONNECT WITH NATURE: Peak Walk at Glacier 3000
  • ENTERTAINMENT: Everday Swissfarm life
  • GIVE BACK: Visit Foundation Alpenruhe

Traveller Tools to Trust

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Alladale Wilderness Reserve

Traveller Tools to Trust

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Sustainable Tourism

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The Legian Seminyak, Bali


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Whatley Manor


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Passionate hosts with purpose at Soneva Kiri Resort, Trat, Thailand
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Achieving Global Goals

Be part of the solution. Support sustainable development goals.

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Climate Action Update

Today, our planet is at 1.1°C (33.98°F) hotter than pre-industrial levels. We are aware of the climate emergencies.
We see it, we live it, and many suffer from it.

The IPCC (Intergovermenal Panel on Climate Change) tells us that we have only 8 years of current emissions remaining before the world passes 1.5°C (34.7°F) in 2028. We have only 8 years left in our carbon budget and if we do not act urgently, we will reach 1.5° Celcius (34.7° Fahrenheit) by 2028. Are the companies you support committed to be carbon neutral before this time? What is your government doing to do the same?

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