Why It Must Be NOW

At this most urgent of times, there is greater expectation for business to lead and do good, address societal problems and demonstrate commitment to sustainability with long-term thinking over short-term gain.

At the forefront of our attention must be the critical time available to reach zero emissions (our “Deadline”), do better by aiming to be Climate Positive, and ensure a rapid and just transition to a safe climate and regenerative future.

It Must Be NOW is a leadership platform and facilitator that exists to help hospitality companies, tourism facilities and educational establishments to advance sustainability and achieve Climate Positive with accountability and transparency.

What We Do

What We Do

We make it easier to be sustainable, accountable and transparent, gain knowledge and build capacity, meet reporting obligations and achieve ambitions to be Climate Positive.

How We Do it

What We Offer

The NOW Climate Positive Program & Award is a project cooperation with EarthCheck & Carbon Offset Project owner. We arrange to fully fund an Integrated Sustainability Program & access to carbon credits with pricing capped for up to 10 years.

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What We Aim To Achieve

What We Aim To Achieve

Businesses that treat the climate crisis as a crisis by moving beyond small-scale actions, taking responsibility for total impacts and accelerating to Climate Positive. Support the UN SDGs towards a just and regenerative future.

Transform for Good

We believe that ‘Doing Good’ is good for business, your competitive advantage, and your profit.
But most important, it benefits communities and our environment.

NOW Force for Good Alliance

Good businesses committed to take responsibility for their total impacts, support the UN SDGs and achieve Climate Positive (better than Net Zero).

The Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin


Top Tips to Conscious Travel

  • Explore your destination by bike or on foot. This way you have more time to experience the surroundings and to stimulate all the senses and it is a great way to spot local hotspots.
  • Always buy and eat local. It supports the local economy, but it is also a great way to learn more about the destination you stay and you learn about the flavours and spices they use.
  • Bring your reusable water bottle and check if you can drink tap water at your destination. For example In The Netherlands it is very common to drink tap water.
  • Ask the concierge for sustainable activities to do on site or in the surroundings. As you enjoy the destination, why not give back. For example If you stay near the beach, go beach cleaning during your morning walk.
  • Always treat other cultures and places with respect. Think of how you and your surroundings would like to be treated. That is the way how you should treat others.

Inspiring Sustainability Actions

  • Ecocreation composter. With this machine, food waste is recycled into compost. Inside the machine, a variety of micro-organisms transform organic material into compost. This high quality natural compost can be used as fertilizer. At the moment the compost is donated to a local High School uses the compost to fertilize the school garden.
  • Made Blue. Since the third quarter of 2017, The Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin working with the charity Made Blue have provided more than 105,000,000 litres of clean drinking water to developing countries. This means that more than 1,442 people over the whole world, have been given access to clean drinking water for the next 10 years… and possibly far longer.
  • Plastic free terraces. The terraces of Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin are single-use plastic free. In the spring of 2021, items such as plastic straws, honey sticks, mashers and milk cups, were replaced with sustainable alternatives. The Plastic Free terraces are part of the properties zero plastic plan.
  • The Good Roll initiative. The supplier of The Grand Hotel Huis ter Duins toilet paper. It is made of 100% recycled materials. 50% of their net profit goes to build toilets in different countries in Africa.
  • The Green Team. 10 members of the hotels staff, come together once a month, to discuss the properties progress and towards improving the organisation in the area of sustainability. The members represent various departments in the hotel. The aim of the Green Team is to create broad support and awareness of the ideas and opportunities in the organization.
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