Roam Responsibly with Photographer Reto Guntli


My Top Tips to Conscious Travel

  • Check your travel carbon footprint and offset.
  • Shop for local handicrafts and art works to support communities where you travel.
  • Only eat local produce and food that is fresh and unprocessed.
  • Use your voice and critique when you see people polluting and educate the ignorant.
  • Only stay in sustainable hotels with transparency that aim to be carbon zero.
  • See the world as a source, not a resource.

Local Experiences Around Patagonia, Argentina

  • ART: Glaciarium is one of the world’s very few Glacier Museum to that create environmental awareness.
  • ARTISINAL SHOPS: Paseo de los Artesanos in Calafate have handicrafts by local artist. Parkas and ponchos are made of pure local wool.
  • DRINK & EAT: La Parri Grill in Calafate serve Argentine beef and lamb of the highest standards, fresh from local estancias (farms).
  • CONNECT WITH NATURE: Ice treks on the glaciers, hiking, cycling, boating on lakes for the best outdoor activities.
  • ENTERTAINMENT: Observe ice cracking from boats and shores of the Perito Moreno National Park during the warm months December/January, the best time to visit.
  • WATCH THE SUNSET: From the shores or a boat on the lake of Perito Moreno.
Credit: Reto Guntli

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Climate Action Update


It’s 2020 and the united science in the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) warned that we have less than 8 years of current emissions remaining in our carbon budget before we reach 1.5°C (34.7°F). This will be by 2028, or less if we don’t lower our emissions to zero or if events occur to amplify warming. We are forewarned that just half a degree beyond this and we will severely destabilise our climate and worsen the climate extremes we are already experiencing today.

Are you using the power of your wallet and your vote to demand carbon neutrality and support of the global goals? Are you demanding for the companies and governments you support to be accountable and transparency with no greenwash allowed?

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As we have said on so many different occasions, sustainability and wellbeing are completely intertwined, but who will lead the charge in the travel & tourism industry that seems to be lagging behind compared to some of its industry peers? Organisations like It Must Be NOW are clearly ahead of the game, setting best practices, offering certification tools and creating signalling effects. We posit that as the climate emergence intensifies, such organisations will put into motion a snowball / cascading effect. Expansion will therefore be exponential, not linear. Latecomers and doubters beware!

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Managing Partner, Monthly Barometer

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