NOW Vision
A world where travellers, tourism, the environment and society can prosper together today and into the future.

NOW Mission
To boldly advance accountable sustainability with transparency and help leaders drive systemic change.

WHY we exist?
We exist to make travel more sustainable for travellers staying in hotels. We help to make these businesses stronger by doing good and ‘giving more to the world than they take’.

WHO is behind NOW? is a legacy project created and personally financed by Alexa and Onno Poortier in alliance with inspiring figures and companies servicing the travel industry.

WHAT we believe?
We believe in the power of Forces for Good to drive systemic change and take responsibility of their total impacts on communities and the environment.

HOW we do it?
We provide financial support incentives to help businesses to commit to climate action, get on the path to Net Zero or better (Climate Positive) and control risks.

Message from NOW Founder
Message from NOW Chairman & CEO

It Must Be NOW!

EarthCheck is extremely excited to be working with the NOW team. We are impressed with their passion to advance sustainability and responsible business practices in the travel and tourism industry and for their commitment to raise the bar on industry reporting standards.

As an industry we need to embrace the need for transformative change. Greenwash and the acceptance of poor environmental and social performance are no longer acceptable. NOW will ask the right questions and provide insights and advice on what best practice really looks like. Tourism desperately needs an open and honest conversation on sustainable business practices. NOW will provide that.

Stewart Moore
Founder of EarthCheck +

It Must Be NOW!

As we have said on so many different occasions, sustainability and wellbeing are completely intertwined, but who will lead the charge in the travel & tourism industry that seems to be lagging behind compared to some of its industry peers? Organisations like It Must Be NOW are clearly ahead of the game, setting best practices, offering certification tools and creating signalling effects. We posit that as the climate emergency intensifies, such organisations will put into motion a snowball/cascading effect. Expansion will therefore be exponential, not linear. Latecomers and doubters beware!"

Thierry Malleret
Managing Partner, Monthly Barometer +