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itmustbeNOW is our call-to-urgent-action, our trumpet call, our rallying cry!

2019 was the year of talking about climate emergencies and started with deadly wildfires in California, followed by the Amazon rainforest and then the Australian east coast. It ended with the UN COP25 Summit in Madrid closing in discord and an outcry around the ‘clever accounting and creative PR’ from governments of rich countries that pledged to be carbon zero.

Climate strikes evolved into global movements with over 10 million on the barricades supported by their massive circle of influence. Youths urged the adult generation to take responsibility for failing to respond properly to the changing climate, to keep fossil fuel in the ground, convert to 100% renewable energy and become carbon zero by 2025.

Today, the climate emergencies tell us that we are running out of time. But many still do not understand how severe this crisis is, that if we continue at the same carbon emission levels as now, we have only 8 years or less in our carbon budget to limit the global temperature rise to 1.5°C (2.7°F) above pre-industrial levels.

In 2020, we need bolder action that deliver urgent results … and not more talk and a fallacy of incremental change. Consumer power must gain force to challenge and pressure governments and companies that our failing our trust to be transparent, accountable and their accelerate response.

It took a conversation with a millennial and awareness of the emerging climate emergency for me to realise that my inaction was part of the problem. itmustbeNOW.com was launched on Earth Day 2017 to boldly transforming the impact and future of travel to be a force for good, for people and for our planet. We are all travellers and our wallets have a huge influence on the travel companies and hotels we choose to support … or not support.

As populations grew and travel became affordable, more people travelled and it became a part of our lifestyle. It opened our world and we have extraordinary experiences, but our lifestyle with travel used more from nature each year than our planet can renew and we are emitting more carbon into the atmosphere than our overharvested forests can remove.

Tourism is a good development tool but it comes at a cost, competes with local population for resources, inflicts on the rights of residents, leaves a trail of pollution and comes with a carbon footprint to bring travellers there. More people and more money are no longer guarantees of wellbeing for communities and for visitors alike. Our impact need to include how happy residents are and paying for our carbon emissions.

We are entrusted to protect and safeguard our natural heritage for future generations, and so far, we are failing at it. How we treat our world and each other reflect our values and humanity, our consciousness and intelligence, and ultimately it will determine our survival.

It must be NOW!