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It Must Be NOW is our call-to-urgent-action, our trumpet call, our rallying cry!

We are at an urgent and defining moment for our planet … our ecosystem is in decline, our population is rapidly multiplying, more than a billion people lack access to safe drinking water, food and electricity, and the gaps between rich and poor are widening. Humanity has become a force of nature and we cannot escape our negative impacts affecting all countries, our oceans and the wildest corners of our planet. We are causing our climate to change and it is the biggest threat of our time. And the worst part is … we have brought this on ourselves!

In 2015, the scientific community finally convinced global leaders that the planet is warming rapidly and nearly 200 countries signed the Paris Agreement to combat climate change. Nonetheless, the USA superpower – emitting the highest amount of greenhouse gases in history – has decided to increase its use of fossil fuel while our planet’s temperature reached a record high in three years! This denial alone underlines the urgency and the need for our individual responsibility and action!

As a mother of two children, I am deeply concerned, but I am also cautiously optimistic and boldly empowered. We are entrusted to protect our natural heritage and safeguard the future of our children, and so far, we are failing at it. As we are both the problem and the solution, I am convinced that we can drive positive change by forming an empowered, collaborative and compassionate global community that acts NOW to support sustainable actions that build resilience and ensure a better future for us and future generations. This has inspired innovations and prompted real changes in the way many of us live our lives, but at this most urgent of times, we must do more. We have seen the threat of climate change move slowly and then accelerate with horrifying speed. This must shake our collective consciousness and ignite bolder actions from each of us to scrutinize and demand wider responsibility and accountability from our governments and the companies we reward with our business. Because we are all empowered … as citizens we hold the vote and as consumers we hold the wallet!

In my career in media and hospitality, I was privileged to travel for work and leisure. Travel and tourism are powerful economic drivers which can influence the way countries and companies treat their citizens, foreign workers, indigenous people, wildlife and the environment. This also means that as travellers, we have enormous power to help make a difference in the destinations we visit or reside. Over a billion people travel today and it is a booming trillion-dollar industry, but so are the massive negative impacts that need to be changed.

itmustbeNOW.com is our urgent response. NOW is a Force for Good with a mission to boldly advance sustainability, social responsibility and principled business practices in the places we call “our home away from home.” More hotels and resorts have committed to sustainability and are doing excellent work, but few visibly communicate this to travellers. Many miss the real purpose by choosing quick certifications, ignore audits, or ‘sit on the fence’ citing the lack of traveller demand as their reason! Decades spent listening to green marketing spin that deceptively promote eco or environmentally friendly credentials, marks or badges has fine-tuned our B.S. Detector. Greenwash diminishes our support and makes us sceptical and distrustful, so how do we unravel the spin? itmustbeNOW.com accepts no more excuses, no more greenwash, and no more fake or manipulated news … just the visible, transparent and independent proof of sustainable actions we expect, and the honesty we deserve.

Join NOW and be part of our global community who believe that we can drive change as a joint Force for Good. Together, our positive strategy is simple we are raising the bar on accountability and transparency around sustainability … and we will whole heartedly support inspiring and responsible hotels, resorts, lodges and cruise liners that are trying to make the world a better place and improve lives.

At this urgent and defining moment for our planet, I believe that each of our empowered action can lead to a fundamental change. Empowered and holding the wallet, we have a mighty and compelling voice when we say “we want this planet to be healthy and habitable for us, our family, and everyone’s family.”  To raise the bar on accountability and transparency around sustainability, we will launch the NOW Force for Good Alliance in January 2018 and invite inspiring and responsible hotels, resorts, lodges and cruise liners to join so travellers can find and book them direct. They will be listed in the NOW Track & Book traveller tool, a simple and verified traveller tool to track sustainable performance and encourage direct bookings without charging hotels a commission so benefits can be passed on to travellers.

We have only one planet and it is our home. It’s time to accelerate the momentum to improve our lives and build a desirable world for future generations.

It must be NOW!

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