Carbon Offset Projects

Today, businesses are expected to operate in ways that protect the environment and support communities. Carbon offsetting is a useful transition tool in the fight against global warming, in improving livelihoods and in protecting nature, but only if the project is high-integrity and the carbon credits
are high-quality.

Companies of all sizes should be on a science-based sustainability and decarbonization journey that maximise carbon reduction and use carbon offsets to take responsibility for hard to abate emissions along the way. The goal is to avoid, reduce or remove more carbon than a company emits. This is better than Net Zero and called Net Negative Emissions by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

Only purchase from a verified carbon credit provider with projects backed by science, rooted in integrity, and pricing transparency. They must be able to provide evidence on where the money goes, on who owns the project, on certified cuts in greenhouse gases and on measurable benefits that help create resilient ecosystems and thriving economies and communities.

NOW provides access to high-integrity Carbon Offset Projects with high-quality carbon credits that drives finance towards climate action activities that deliver on the Sustainable Development Goals.

High-Quality Carbon Credits

High-quality carbon credits have core carbon principles focused on governance, emission impacts and sustainable development.

Governance: Effective governance, tracking, transparency and robust independent third-party validation and verification.

Emissions Impacts: Additionality, permanence, robust quantification of emission reductions and removals, and no double counting.

Sustainable Development: Benefits and safeguards, and contributions to avoid, reduce or remove more carbon than a company emits.

QU.A.L.ITY criteria: QUantification, Additionality. Long-term storage and SustainabilITY

Standard, Certifier & Independent Audit

Reputable high-integrity projects go through extensive review by both verifiers and Carbon Crediting Programmes.

  • A verifier is an independent auditor who visits a site to monitor and validate the project against a peer-reviewed emission reduction methodology, evaluates project documentation and emission reduction calculations to determine the quantity of carbon reduced.
  • The Carbon Crediting Programme, or Carbon Standard, is the programme that issues carbon credits for a particular project.

Major international carbon credit standards include Gold Standard, Verra, Climate Action Reserve and American Carbon Registry. They provide robust, independent third-party verification and a Registry – a publicly available central repository for the transparent listing of information and documentation.