What is NOW?

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Why should hotels join the NOW Force for Good Alliance?

NOW is the only survival strategy for the luxury hotel industry today.

  • NOW makes it easier for hotels to be sustainable.
  • NOW strengthens brands and reputation.
  • NOW promotes and helps drive direct bookings with no commission charged.

Who qualifies?

All hotels that wants to offer a redefined luxury experience that takes responsibility for their impact on communities and the environment.

What’s in it for NOW Hotel Members?

  • NOW Sustainability Tool simply communicate sustainability practices with accountability and transparency to all stakeholders.
  • NOW Offset Carbon Tool calculate and offset air and ground travel carbon footprints.
  • Accredited sustainability programme - EarthCheck Evaluate with Earth Rating certification.
    (Benefit: One year Free-of-Charge).
  • Marketing support in itmustbeNOW.com platform and social.

NOW Sustainability

NOW Force for Good Alliance hotel partners are entrusted with an interactive NOW Sustainability Trust Icon to recognize their integrity and low-carbon inclusive way of doing business, and provide all stakeholders access to their accountable and transparent sustainability actions.

How Much Will It Cost?

NOW Force for Good Alliance

Year Cost (USD)
Joining & Activation Fee (one time)
USD 1,000.00
Annual Membership Fee USD 30.00/room or suite
Incentive Benefit (value AUD 1,600.00)
– EarthCheck Evaluate sustainability programme
Annual Membership Fee
USD 30.00/room or suite
Annual Membership Fee
USD 30.00/room or suite
Hotel to provide a voucher for 3 to 5 nights with breakfast for marketing promotions.

Note for year 2 onwards
An independent audit must be arranged directly with EarthCheck and an agreement
signed to continue with sustainability programmes - EarthCheck Evaluate
or start EarthCheck Certify.

Sustainability Programme Annual Sustainability Programme Fee Annual Audit Fee
EarthCheck Evaluate AUD $1600 AUD$995
(travel expense additional)
EarthCheck Certify AUD $4800 Day1 - AUD$2420
Additional Days - AUD $1650
(travel expense additional)

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How Do I Become a Member of NOW Force for Good Alliance?

Complete A, B and C.
(B) Go LiveBe accountable & transparent
(C) Communicate & InspireTell all & build trust

What are the tangible Return-On-Investment of sustainability?

  • Brand ROIAssess Customer Lifetime Value. Measure according to loyalty.
  • Talent ROI‘Good’ companies attract good caliber staff who typically stay longer. Measure in employee appraisals and satisfaction surveys.
  • Reputational ROI Sustainability epitomise a company’s reputation. Measure shared-value initiatives & value of media content.
  • Initiative ROI Analyse sustainability initiatives based on end result

Why Should It Matter?

  • To be a part of something better and prove that principles and profits can go hand in hand.
  • Because it matters to your customers and guests, your employees, your community, your reputation and your profit. Most important, it matters to our planet and future generations.
Sustainability matters because...
  • It’s the right thing to do.
  • It reinforces brand values and integrity.
  • It contributes to customer confidence, trust and loyalty.
  • It leads to responsible business practices.
  • It attracts employees with similar values and motivate retention.
  • It reduces costs and saves money ... and can also make the company money.