What is NOW?

NOW is a legacy project created by Alexa and Onno Poortier in alliance with inspiring
figures and companies in the hospitality and tourism industry.

Our vision - A Travel industry with little to no negative impact on people and planet.

Our mission - To boldly advance sustainability, social responsibility and principled business practice.

NOW Manifesto

Why We Do It?

  • To support the industry we know and love to help it to transform and thrive in the future.
  • To raise the bar on accountability and transparency around sustainability.
  • To drive transformative change whereby greenwash and the acceptance of poor environmental and social performance are no longer acceptable.

NOW understands that where travellers stay is key to their enjoyment and wellbeing, and hotels, resorts, lodges, cruise liners have an increasingly important role in helping their customers and guests to travel sustainably and influence their choices on sustainability.

What is the
NOW Force for Good Alliance?

An affiliation of extraordinary and caring places to stay that provides a sustainable travel experience and takes responsibility for their impact on the community and the environment.

What's in It for you?

NOW Sustainability Tool

A brand differentiation with integrity

  • Display the NOW Sustainability Trust Icon with confidence in all digital communications and materials. We entrust partners with the NOW Sustainability Trust Icon which recognise brands with integrity and commitment to sustainability with accountability and transparency.

Reinforce brand value and reputation as a Force for Good

  • Using the power of business to be profitable and helping people and planet are the 3 pillars of sustainability. It’s the right thing to do!

Access to the NOW community and engage, connect and inspire the biggest generations of travellers, employees and influencers - Generation Y & Z.

Sustainability solutions and interactive technologies

  • NOW Sustainability technology
  • NOW Offset Carbon technology
  • Accredited sustainability programme and certification – EarthCheck Evaluate with Earth Rating (free-of-charge for one year)

Marketing support and promotions in itmustbeNOW.com and social media.

How Much Will It Cost?

NOW Force for Good Alliance
Membership Fee Offer to the Hospitality Industry

# Rooms & Suites
Upto 1000
1000 - 1500
1500 - 2000
Annual Membership Fee (USD)
$30 / room & suites
$26 / room & suites
$24 / room & suites

One time Joining and Activation Fee - $1,000.00

Special introductory offer available in 2018-2019.
Special offers available for groups upon request in 2020.

5% of NOW net revenue from membership fees will be donated to projects that protect vulnerable wildlife while restoring balance to threatened ecosystems and communities.

Register to Join NOW

How can I become a member of NOW Force for Good Alliance and get listed in NOW Sustainability tool?

Assess, Curate & ActivateBe accountable & transparent!
  • Assessment by an accredited sustainability programme with independent ASI audit - EarthCheck Evaluate with Earth Rating certification.
  • Curate NOW Sustainability technology. Guidance on complex topics.
  • Add NOW Sustainability Trust Icon and URL to profile in NOW Sustainability technology to provide a accountable and transparent tool for all stakeholders.
Communicate & InspireBe proud & tell everyone!
  • Marketing support and guidance to communicate sustainability commitment and actions. Use of NOW Sustainability Trust Icon.

What is the
NOW Tracker Assessment?

EarthCheck Evaluate is an entry level sustainability program that assesses an operator’s economic, social and environmental impact using internationally recognised criteria to report on management performance covering a wide range of areas including environment, risk and quality management. Participating organisations are awarded an Earth Rating to recognise their achievement level. Members are provided guidance on how to unlock opportunities to reduce resource consumption and operating costs. Additional recommendations are outlined for training and engagement with staff, vendors, customers and communities. EarthCheck Evaluate provides additional support which includes access to a Relationship Manager and three new calculator options covering water, waste and energy in the EarthCheck Webshop.

What is the Return on Investment when I commit of sustainability?

  • Brand ROIAssess Customer Lifetime Value. Measure according to loyalty.
  • Talent ROI‘Good’ companies attract good caliber staff who typically stay longer. Measure in employee appraisals and satisfaction surveys.
  • Reputational ROI Sustainability epitomise a company’s reputation. Measure shared-value initiatives & value of media content.
  • Initiative ROI Analyse sustainability initiatives based on end result

Why Should It Matter?

  • To be a part of something better and prove that principles and profits can go hand in hand.
  • Because it matters to your customers and guests, your employees, your community, your reputation and your profit. Most important, it matters to our planet and future generations.
Sustainability Matters Because...
  • It’s the right thing to do.
  • It reinforces brand values and integrity.
  • It contributes to customer confidence, trust and loyalty.
  • It leads to responsible business practices.
  • It attracts employees with similar values and motivate retention.
  • It reduces costs and saves money ... and can also make the company money.

What We Don't Do?

  • NOW is not a sustainability certification company.
  • NOW is not an online travel agent(OTA).