NOW Force for Good Alliance FAQs

The NOW Force for Good Alliance is a global community
of inspiring and responsible companies in the hospitality and tourism industry.

It is a marketing alliance platform that raises the bar on accountability and transparency around sustainability with no greenwash allowed. It will differentiate your property and simplify your communication to your stakeholders.

All members will be celebrated in the NOW Track & Book, a tool to promote Force for Good values and commitment, sustainable travel experiences on offer, track sustainability performance, offset carbon and provide direct bookings without charging commissions.

We are changing the conversation around sustainability and creating joy around being healthy, sustaining our planet, giving back, creating a community that cares about each other and the many things we look forward to everyday when we are making a difference.

NOW Force for Good
Alliance Offer

What is NOW?

NOW is a legacy project created by Alexa and Onno Poortier in alliance with inspiring figures and companies in the hospitality and tourism industry.

NOW is a Force for Good with a mission to boldly advance sustainability, social responsibility and principled business practice. Our goal is to support the industry we know and love, helping it thrive in the future without negative impact on people and planet.

NOW Manifesto

Why We Do It?

  • To raise the bar on accountability and transparency around sustainability in the hospitality and tourism industry.
  • To drive transformative change whereby greenwash and the acceptance of poor environmental and social performance are no longer acceptable.

How We Do It?

To differentiate members of the NOW Force for Good Alliance they are required to take the NOW Tracker Assessment. It will assesses an operator’s economic, social and environmental impact before they are listed in the NOW Track & Book. It is an annual sustainability evaluation assessment developed and powered by EarthCheck to activate the NOW Tracker and show effort and annual progress. Also known as EarthCheck Evaluate Programme, it provides an Earth Rating certification.

The NOW Track & Book provides a simple and brilliant resource that can be accessible from your website.

  • For travellers – to help them make smarter choices and find hotels committed to serious sustainability when they travel.
  • For employees and affiliates – a learning and communication tool that is easy to understand and simply explains your values, sustainability policy, performance and progress, and differentiate your brand to guests, the community, journalists, travel agencies, corporate clients and investors.
  • For media, travel agencies and corporate clients – to find hotels, resorts, lodges and cruise liners that are accountable and transparent around sustainability and learn about their sustainability credentials, performance and progress.
  • For owners and investors – a report on the sustainability performance and progress of the property.

What is a
Force For Good?

A Force for Good is a responsible company that uses the power of business to help society and protect the environment. A NOW Force for Good Alliance member provides a sustainable travel experience that makes a difference, delivers better value, supports host communities, cares about the uniqueness of people and place, and aims to be in harmony with nature.

NOW understands that where travellers stay is key to their enjoyment and wellbeing, and hotels, resorts, lodges, cruise liners and travel advisors have an increasingly important role in helping their customers and guests to travel sustainably and influence their choices on sustainability.

What We Don't Do?

  • NOW is not a sustainability certification company.
  • NOW is not an online travel agent (OTA).

Who Qualifies?

Hospitality Industry
All inspiring and responsible hotels, resorts, lodges and cruise liners.

Tourism Industry
All inspiring and responsible travel agencies. This programme will start in late 2018.

What counts to customers and guests is for our industry to step-up to be accountable and transparent, to demonstrate that we practice what we say and to show annual progress.

What's in It for you?

  • Access to the NOW Community.
  • Reinforce your brand and reputation as a Force for Good.
  • Increase direct bookings without being charged commissions.
  • NOW Track & Book tool.
  • Engage you with the next biggest generations of travellers, staff and influencers - Gen Y & Z.
  • Data to better understand your customers.

Why Should It Matter?

  • To be a part of something better and prove that principles and profits go hand in hand.
  • Because it matters to your customers and guests, your employees, your community, your reputation and your profit. Most important, it matters to our planet and future generations.
Sustainability Matters Because...
  • It’s the right thing to do.
  • It reinforces brand values and integrity.
  • It contributes to customer confidence, trust and loyalty.
  • It leads to responsible business practices.
  • It motivates employee retention.
  • It reduces costs and saves money ... and can also make the company money.

How Much will it Cost?

NOW Force for Good Alliance
Membership Fee Offer to the Hospitality Industry

# Rooms
Upto 2000
2001 - 4000
4001 - 6000
Over 6001
Annual Membership Fee
$30 / room
$26 / room
$24 / room
$20 / room

One time Joining and Activation Fee - $1,000.00

5% of NOW net revenue from membership fees will be donated to projects that project vulnerable wildlife while restoring balance to threatened ecosystems and communities. 100% of NOW gross revenue from carbon offset program purchased will be donated to EarthCheck Research Institute on sustainable travel.

Register to Join NOW

7 Steps to Join NOW Force for Good Alliance
and Activate NOW Track & Book

Register interest to join the NOW Force for Good Alliance.
Receive password to proceed.
Submit application to join.
Connect with NOW to discuss activation.
Initial each page, sign and return via email to NOW. Send original signed agreement via courier.
Pay fee via bank transfer and email proof of payment to NOW.
Complete NOW Tracker Assessment and Worksheet to display information in NOW Track & Book.
Add NOW logo+URL in your website to provide stakeholders with easy access to NOW Track & Book.
Announce partnership to all stakeholders and share link to NOW Track & Book Profile. Coordinate PR activities.