Your Body’s Chemical Burden

Your Body’s Chemical Burden


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Your body chemical burden is the result of a lifetime’s exposure to plastics, metals, pesticides and other harmful elements. The unseen dangers of our modern world which can even reach unborn babies in the womb. So much of modern life depends on the chemical industry, and every day we absorb a cocktail of toxic chemicals. Even our food has not escaped and contributes to our chemical load.

Governments are taking more responsibility for regulating the chemicals we are exposed to. Phthalates – found in food packs, furnishings and PVC that make plastic more flexible – have been banned in the EU and many other large countries. They can lead to infertility in men, breast cancer in women, birth defects and neurological problems.

There are many other chemical dangers in everyday items that have not been regulated or banned. Flame retardants (polybrominated diphenyl ethers) in furniture and building materials are toxic and can cause cancer. Bisphenols found in paper receipts, food can linings, plastic and electronic toys increase the chance of cancer and disrupts the reproductive system. Perfluorinated chemicals in waterproof clothing, non-stick pans and toys can cause cancer and infertility.

Hoteliers need to look in depth at every aspect of their properties and products – use natural building materials and furnishings, avoid plastics, pesticides, DDT, Teflon, and look closely at food packaging, cosmetics, flame retardants, avoid PVC shower curtains and disposable cutlery.

Check out Toxic-Free Future to see how everyday products are poisoning us and what you can do to avoid them – both on your travels and at home.


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