Chocolate: The Dark and the Light

Chocolate: The Dark and the Light


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Who can resist chocolate mousse, roulade, or cake? Staying at a hotel is often a chance to indulge in truly delicious chocolate concoctions. But how sustainable is it?

It can take an entire year for one tree to produce the cocoa for half a pound of chocolate. Most is grown by small farmers in W.Africa, S.America or Asia; a critical source of income. But cocoa is sensitive to climate change and demand for chocolate is expected to double by 2050. Intensification to meet demand leads to unsustainable impacts on soil, water and biodiversity.

And child labour is rife: an estimated 2 million children were employed or enslaved in W.African cocoa production in 2013-14. The light? Rainforest Alliance have produced a sustainable cocoa certification scheme. And our choices make a difference. Scrumptious, ethical, win/win brands include Green and Blacks; Malagasy; Divine and Booja-Booja. Hotels take note.

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