Cosmetics that Don’t Wash



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Most travellers and tourists are delighted when hotels present an array of cosmetic products in our bathrooms – and become less so when they realise that, more often than not, these products contain sulphates and other toxins. In the pursuit of sustainable tourism and the best green hotels, environmentally conscious travellers may not be so pleased if the products on offer don’t pass the test of what experts call a sustainable ‘cosmetic lifecycle’.

Cosmetics and personal products are part of a multi billion dollar global industry which has largely escaped the scrutiny of those concerned with our wellbeing. Now the cosmetic lifecycle is a big talking point. And it’s not just the safety and quality of the contents of cosmetics – they need to have sustainable raw materials; packaging must be properly recyclable as well as the products themselves. Refillable shampoo dispensers have to be better than half used mini bottles that end up in the hotel bin.

Companies producing cosmetics should be seen to be making a positive social and environmental impact so that from start to finish there is no toxicity in the production or consumption of their goods. Verified kitemarks and labels from the Environmental Working Group (EWG) will reassure travellers that the products on offer pass muster. Read more


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