Agari Water Bottle A clever biodegradable bottle

Agari Water Bottle


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What if your water bottle could biodegrade the moment you finished drinking it?

This could be the future of such a key sustainable travel tool if Icelandic inventor Ari Jónsson has anything to do with it. His Agari Water Bottle holds its shape until you’ve drained it – after which, it will start to decompose. It’s made from a powdered form of agar, which comes from algae, and which when mixed with water becomes a jellylike material you can mould. It needs liquid to hold its shape, but once empty it begins to break down. The water’s safe to drink, and you can even eat the bottle after if you like the taste of seaweed! Revolutionary but simple – like all the best ideas. The product is still in development, but Jónsson hopes it will inspire others to think twice before they use plastic bottles to drink from again.

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