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Well Fashion is the new buzzword and refers to clothing that uses smart materials to actually improve the wearer’s wellness by adapting to temperature, protecting from UV, moisturising skin and even killing bacteria. One such company is the enterprising Back Label, which creates clothing using unusual natural fabrics that have nourishing properties such as Milk Protein Fibre, Seaweed Mineral Fibre and Sea Island Cotton, all ethically sourced and produced, kind-to-skin and high-quality.

Back Label

Co-founder Amy Perricone says: ‘I thought, why can’t we put something nourishing into clothing as it touches our skin – the largest organ in our body – 24 hours a day? I want to know what’s in my clothes; I want to know who makes my clothes’. Designed with Japanese principles of minimalism mixed with an Italian approach to seeking out what’s best, the company’s Lounge, Athletic and Resort collections offer some great options for travelling clothes whether you’re going on a short city break or a relaxing holiday and what to be good to both your body and the planet. Find out more here.

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