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It was a near miss at a junction on a busy city street that got cyclist and British designer Emily Brooke thinking about urban cycle safety. Driven by a belief that more urban cyclists will improve the cities of the future, and armed with the knowledge that 50% of urban cycle commutes are at night, she created the Blaze Laserlight bike light, using Kickstarter in 2012.

An innovative smart technology to keep urban cyclists safer, Laserlight combines a rechargeable bright white 300 lumens LED bike light, with a laser, which projects an image of a lime green bike six metres on the road ahead as a warning to other road users, from large vehicles to pedestrians.

Laserlight deals effectively with the main reasons for cycle accidents – blind spots, junctions and situations where there’s a risk of being unseen. It is also elegantly designed, with the waterproof aluminium device easy to attach to your handlebars (via a bracket with size adjustments at the flick of an allen key, meaning it’s also suitable for bike share schemes) and controlled at the touch of a button – with flashing, constant and power saving modes. Blaze also now has your back – its latest product is ‘rear burner’, a 100 lumen red, rechargeable, light sensitive backlight. Check them out here.

image Founder - Emily Brooke

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