Davy J Swimsuits Stylish swimwear cleverly made from waste

Davy J Swimsuits


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A great suitcase choice for a sustainable trip, they are made from an innovative recycled nylon fibre – ECONYL® yarn – which is cleverly and 100% regenerated from waste nylon sources including discarded fishing nets, carpet fluff, textile offcuts and pre-consumer nylon waste. For every 100 Davy J suits sold, around 9kg of waste has been regenerated, and through a collaboration with the healthy seas initiative among others, spent and ghost fishing nets are actively collected by volunteer divers and fishing communities and fed into the regeneration process to prevent the damage they can have to wildlife and ecosystems. All the suits are available online at Davyj.org.

Davy J’s strong and beautifully sustainable swimsuits are made for women who love the ocean and want to be in it. Made in Britain and named after Davy Jones’ Locker – an idiom for the bottom of the sea – the costumes are super stylish but also durable and long-lasting, so travellers get the support they need to dive through waves, jump off the back of a boat, surf, cliff jump or paddle board.


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