Eco Grill A green solution for outdoor cooking

Eco Grill


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Useable anywhere you travel, this clever wooden BBQ is a green solution for cooking outdoors because it doesn’t leave behind any rubbish. Inspired by the ancient nordic technique of burning tree stumps, it is made out of high quality alder wood and charcoal and burns down completely after 2.5 hours, leaving you free of litter and anything to carry home. Ideal for short trips and picnics, it enables you to cook meat and fish, burn veggies in the cooling ambers, and finish your meal off with snacks such as toasted marshmallows.

Alder has been used for centuries to smoke food, and adds to the flavour of the meal, the outside of the BBQ never gets hot, so it’s easy to move about, and you only need to light it with a resin wick rather than toxic lighter fluid. 0.1 euro from each grill sold is invested in re-forestation too. Read more

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