The HAYO’U Beauty Restorer™ Wellbeing for your hand luggage

The HAYO’U Beauty Restorer™


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Perfect for your hand luggage, the The HAYO’U Beauty Restorer™ is small and light but can be used to ease and minimise the negative impacts of travelling including tired and puffy eyes, circulation, dehydration, lymphatic drainage, stress and anxiety, jet lag, sunburn and more.

Made from 100% naturally cooling jade using only natural resources (stone and water for grinding; water and pebbles for polishing) and packed without plastic, it works by stimulating meridian channels that link to different organs in the body following the principles of Chinese Medicine. Choose from three iconic Chinese Medicine techniques – Àn fa (press-hold), Gua sha (press-stroke) and Acupressure (press-turn). Start gently, and don’t use on broken skin. Read more.

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