Lifestraw Water Bottles Carry safe drinking water wherever you go



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The perfect sustainable travel tools to let you carry safe drinking water with you wherever your adventures take you, LifeStraw’s range of refillable water bottles use their award-winning built-in filter technology to make contaminated water safe to drink while you are on the move. They’re ultralight, have a flip-top mouthpiece and carabineer so you can attach them to your bag, and are BPA and chemical free. The filtered water has no aftertaste either, because LifeStraw doesn’t use iodine or iodinated resin chemicals like most water-filtering pills. Look out for both the adult bottle and colourful versions for kids.

LifeStraw was originally devised as an emergency response tool to filter water contaminated following natural disasters. Now, for every bottle or other product you buy, a school child receives safe water for an entire school year, and the company has a huge Give Back programme with other initiatives too. Buy the products and find out more here

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