Rocketbook Everlast Notebook A reusable notebook to digitise your travel dreams



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Do you like to keep a travel diary on your trips? Shoring up notebooks stacked with experiences, memories and dreams can be a wonderful part of travelling, but imagine the amount of trees we all get through when we do this – according to the US Environmental Protection Agency, people in the US alone use about 69 million tons of notebook paper each year.

Step forward the reusable notebook, a great tool to help sustainable travellers cut down their paper waste and save them money too. Rocketbook’s Everlast notebook looks and feels like paper but is made from a type of polyester so that each page can be wiped completely clean with a most towel after use. Using the Rocketbook App, you can digitise everything you write and put it on the Cloud services you already use, so your thoughts and dreams won’t be lost. Available in two sizes. Read more.

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