The Mantis Kammok’s hammock tent for minimal impact

The Mantis


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The Mantis is a lightweight, all-in-one hammock tent made by Kammok, a 1% for the Planet member and B-corp certified company that’s committed to using its profits for the good of the planet and other people. It takes just 60 seconds to put up using a knotless suspension, so you can set up camp faster as well as travel lighter – there’s an ultra light version too.

Enabling you to sleep off the ground, hammock tents do not disturb the ecology of the ground as other tents can do – and to help protect the two sturdy trees you’ll need to hang this one, Kammok’s Python 10 hammock straps feature a tree-friendly variable width design for a wider surface area that better protects tree bark and cambium.

Kammok’s Mantis will have minimal impact on you too, because the fabric curves to the natural arch of your back, helping you sleep better and limiting the stiff necks and sore backs you can sometimes get with camping. You’ll keep dry with the included rainfly, but if you’re going to be in really extreme weather, The Kammok Glider weather shelter has its own fully integrated rainwater retention system.

Kammok uses all the scraps from its hammock manufacturing to make tote bags to reduce waste, and gives 1% of proceeds to Explore Austin, a non-profit mentor programme that inspires and helps young people to experience and benefit from the great outdoors in the USA where the company is based. The tents are not made from recycled materials, but are designed to life a lifetime, and if buyers want to get rid of them, they are encouraged to donate them to wilderness therapy courses and organisations such as Explore Austin in their own countries.

One niggle – the tents are made in China, in factories that do not offset their carbon, though Kammok told NOW they plan to start offsetting all their carbon this year (2019). Find out more here.

The Mantis

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