Waterlily Wind & Water Turbine Recharge your USB devices using water and wind

Waterlily Wind & Water Turbine


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The Waterlily Wind & Water Turbine is a genius sustainable travel tool, a durable and portable USB charger that enables you to recharge USB-compatible devices without having to use a power source or have access to sunshine. Especially suited to outdoor enthusiasts, from campers and bikers to hikers and canoers, it’s designed so you can using the power of the wind or moving water to recharge any USB-compatible devices with a 5V output – hold it out in the wind on top of the mountain you’ve just climbed, tow it behind your kayak while you explore or set it up at camp and go out for the day.

If you find yourself with neither wind or water power on your explorations, you can use the optional hand crank for 10 minutes to get you enough charge for a 6 minute phone call. Find out more or buy.

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