In 2005, Reefscapers pioneered reef restoration in the Maldives with unique coral frame techniques that now rank among the most successful reef conservation programs in the world. We provide long-term photo-monitoring and maintenance, whilst continuing to research new coral propagation techniques.

Reefscapers recruited the first marine biologists in the Maldives (2008), implementing marine conservation projects to educate, understand, and improve the marine environment. Our programs range from guest excursions to beach erosion control, to the management of marine education centres. We also established the first sea turtle rescue and rehabilitation centre in the Maldives (2011), successfully treating and re-releasing hundreds of rescue turtles over 10 years.

Conservancy Guardians

Conservancy Guardians was founded in May 2020, a time of great difficulty across the globe. A total collapse in tourism revenues and the resulting impact on wildlife areas and their surrounding communities, shed clear light on the need for a broadening, holistic approach in community support and engagement when it comes to answering the long-term conservation questions in East Africa.

Our mission is to nurture the ecosystem, to empower the people and to protect the wildlife.

Little Sun

Our Vision – Universal access to clean energy

Our Mission – To design and deliver affordable clean energy solutions and inspire people to take climate action

Little Sun is a non profit organisation and charity registered in the United States and in Germany.

SEP Jordan

SDG - SEP Jordan

SEP Jordan is a Social Enterprise. Our mission is to bring thousands of refugees above the poverty line, through employment, thanks to their skills and talent. Today we work with over 500 embroidery artists in Jerash camp, Jordan and we share their story through the luxury fashion and lifestyle accessories they hand-embroider, with love and passion.

Projekt Resgate


Projekt Resgate rescues and supports victims of human trafficking, sexual exploitation and slavery, and women who are abused physically and emotionally. With an effective support and reintegration program, Resgate provide victims with a chance for new beginning in life, mainly in their home country. The support consists in housing, medical and psychological assistance, training courses, assistance for their children, jobs and investment for small business.

Forests Without Frontiers

Forests Without Frontiers

Forests Without Frontiers is a non-profit tree-planting organisation, working on reforestation and rewilding projects. We create bio-diverse nature havens, working with local expert partners and help restore ecosystems. Reforestation is one of the best and most cost-effective ways to limit global warming and our first projects are in Romania’s Carpathian Mountains.