10 Top Tips for Travellers Overwhelmed By Climate Change Easy ways to help prevent a pending catastrophe






The UN has warned that we have less than 11 years to limit our climate change catastrophe. Feeling overwhelmed? Here’s 10 easy things travellers can do.


Pack a zero-waste suitcase

Bring your own stuff to avoid using single use plastics and to reduce unnecessary waste while on the move and at your destination, including a reusable water bottle, reusable cup, bamboo travel utensils, fabric napkins and your own supply of toiletries. Be organised to avoid having to buy stuff you might forget such as sunglasses. See Clever Stuff for ideas.

Zero Waste
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Offset carbon when you fly

Everything we do contributes to our carbon footprint, but flying is still number one. For how to offset, see here. To read about why you should, read here.

Carbon Offset
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Make smarter transport choices

Choose to stay in a walk-able area. This allows you to take in sights off the beaten path too. Walk and cycle whenever possible. Take the train or use public transport whenever possible. If you need a car, consider buying an electric one. To read about why our feet are made for walking, read here.

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Bring your own food

Avoid plastic food and drink packaging (and eat more healthily) by bringing your own food with you on the move - most especially when you get on an airplane, for most airlines still excel at packing every little thing you can think of in a piece of plastic.


Eat less meat

Scientists tend to agree that avoiding meat (particularly beef) and dairy products is the single biggest way to reduce your environmental impact on the planet. Choose more plant-based dishes instead. Support hotels and restaurants that offer meat-free meals and that use locally sourced ingredients. For more on protein options.

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Be a minimalist

Recycling is good, but remember recycling doesn’t always happen after the stuff leaves your hands. Better to reuse things, buy fewer things and consume less. And when you do buy on your trip, demand low carbon options for everything you consume, from clothes to food. For more on conscious packaging, see here.

be a minimalist
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Be conscious of energy

Turn off your thermostat or lower it at home before you set off, and in your hotel while you are out. Switch off the aircon, throw open the windows and use nature’s fresh air to keep you cool instead. If there are no windows to throw open - switch hotels! If you see lights or heating on that aren’t needed elsewhere in your hotel, speak out.

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Get angry with hotels

Most hotels are way behind when it comes to ditching the plastics, moving to zero waste and offsetting their carbon footprint. Make it known you don’t support one-time use of plastic water bottles, straws, and other containers and wraps or the regular replacement of soaps and toiletries. Vote with your wallet and only stay in places that are accountable and transparent around sustainability with no greenwash allowed; and are committed to moving towards zero waste (find some here) and offsetting their carbon footprint.


Be an activist

Individual change can make a real difference, but the real challenge for our planet are the politicians, political systems and businesses. Unite with others and take collective action to urge them to make changes and make your voice heard. School Strike for Climate, also known as Fridays for Future or Youth Strike 4 Climate, a growing international movement of students leaving their school to take part in demonstrations for climate action calls for a global strike on Fridays.

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anna@jetsetoffset.com says:

Instead of purchasing a carbon offset for travel, I make an automatic 1 cent per mile donation to my favorite environmental nonprofit organization every time I fly. You can sign up for Jet-Set Offset at jetsetoffset.com

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