NOW’s Top 25 Tips on Travelling Sustainably this Summer

NOW’s Top 25 Tips on Travelling Sustainably this Summer


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However you choose to holiday this summer, making wise choices can help yourself, others and the planet. Check out our top tips below. Worry if travel can ever be sustainable? Ponder that question here.

1. Carbon offset if you have to fly and understand why carbon offsetting is worth it (more here).

2. Think before you fly long haul, especially for a short period of time, and if you have to, make it count (more here).

3. Be wary of TripAdvisor (more here).

4. Choose alternatives to cruise liners, most of which are massively unsustainable (more here).

5. Know that paradise is a myth, and that our demand for it puts a strain on locals (more here).

6. If you’re looking for an adventure, be mindful of disappearing cultures and how your choices could help protect them (more here).

7. Choose to visit countries that do not exploit animals and humans (more here) and that do not violate human rights (more here) or children (more here).


8. Choose locations that aren’t suffering from overtourism (more here) or that are victims of mass travel (more here).

9. Consider a staycation in your home country, take the train, avoid cars unless they are electric, use bikes more and explore other ways for moving about the world (more here).

10. Ask hotels these tough questions before you book (more here).

11. Be cautious of what spa resorts you choose (more here).

12. Pack a sustainable suitcase (more here).

13. Choose the right sunscreen (more here).

14. Take products that have been made with the health and wellbeing of people and planet in mind (more here).

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15. Understand what you can do as a traveller to ease global warming (more here).

16. Travel with people, planet and climate change in mind (more here).

17. If you’re into the sea, find out how you can help save coral reefs (more here).

18. Looking to play golf? Know that some golf courses are greener than others (more here).

19. Travel slowly (more here).

20. Travel light (more here).

21. Walk whenever you can (more here).

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22. Declutter your travel experience (more here).

23. Be mindful of technology (more here).

24. Buy local (more here).

25. Make wise food and drink choices (more here).

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