Yasmine Mahmouidieh London

Yasmine Mahmoudiieh

Yasmine Mahmouidieh’s architecture and interior design work can be found across Europe, the United States, the Middle East and Asia, and even in the skies above as one of the few chosen designers to work on the Airbus A380.

Her unique holistic approach to sustainable design, which merges human psychology and cutting-edge technology, has resulted in an acclaimed international show-case of award-winning, one-of-a-kind projects. Her organic approach fuses modern design and functionality and does not lose sight of the two most important factors: human wants and needs.

NOW Transforming Hospitality GmbH


NOW is a technology platform, a legacy project and a movement to boldly advance sustainability in the travel industry with accountability and transparency.

Founded itmustbeNOW.com in April 2017. We have two purposes and we do two things. For the traveller, we are growing a global community that believe travellers and the travel industry have a responsibility to be a Force for Good; and we boldly inform, inspire and empower travellers to make smarter choices on where to go, who to stay with, and to use their spending power to change our world. For the hotel sector, we aim to fundamentally change attitudes and behaviour by raising the bar on accountability and transparency around sustainability, and galvanising properties to join the NOW Force for Good Alliance and take responsibility for their impact on communities and environments.

For both, NOW provides technologies for all stakeholders that drive change and promote better communication and direct bookings – NOW Sustainability Tool, NOW Carbon Offset Tool and NOW Travel Diaries.

Y S Associates

Yateendra Sinh Associates

YS & Associates (YSA) is a super specialised hospitality and tourism advisory firm, which focuses on the development of service concepts, hotels and destinations. At the core of its business concept design, YSA believes that no product has longevity, unless it is hard coded with the three aspects of sustainability – carbon, community and commerce. Thus sustainability is good ethics, good practise and good business.

YSA supports organisations on their journey towards perennial sustainability by designing custom solutions. Some examples:

  • Conducting social audits
  • Creating community outreach programmes
  • Developing financially and ethically conscious restaurant and hotel concepts
  • Delivering change trainings for teams
  • Conducting customer and employee consciousness surveys
  • Facilitating values definition sessions for companies
  • Building a Corporate Social Culture
  • Developing a Collective Carbon Conscience

Mundi & Co.

Mundi & Co.

Mundi & Co is a creative agency that provides exceptional content for exceptional brands. We specialise in storytelling for luxury hotels and travel companies, with a particular passion for sustainability and conservation. Our expert team has years of experience in delivering beautiful, commercially-driven content across print and digital platforms, working closely with clients to identify their communication needs and successfully meeting commercial goals.

H2 Hervé Houdré

H2 Logo

Defining, integrating and implementing a pertinent Sustainability Strategy in a profitable economic model. Strategically supporting the economic prosperity of cities and regions, hospitality and tourism-related companies and organizations, and academic institutions while focusing on their social responsibility and their environmental protection impacts.

Reto Guntli

Reto Guntli

Swiss photographer Reto Guntli travels all continents for book productions, hotel shoots and magazine reportages on architecture, interiors, people, art, design and travels. Reto specialize in photography for high profile luxury hotel and resort brands worldwide.