5 Sustainable Travel Ideas for 2018

5 Sustainable Travel Ideas for 2018


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Looking for new sustainable travel ideas in 2018 for places that go beyond eco tourism but still offer interest and delight? NOW asked founder and CEO of EarthCheck Stewart Moore to tell us the places to watch and why.

‘These are just a few examples of the many operators who are striving to do the right thing for the environment, for the community in which they operate and as ambassadors for our industry’ explain Stewart. ‘None of them are perfect. It is not perfection that we need to be seeking, but a commitment to Agenda 21 principles –the same principles that underpin the EarthCheck programme’.


The adventure trip
Tesfa Tours, Ethiopia

Tesfa Tours runs an amazing, community tourism project that is a major job creator in Lalibela, northern Ethiopia. Based on guided treking trips employing women and young people, the project helps disperse tourists and their dollars and encourage cultural immersion. Read more.


The resort
Soneva Kiri, Thailand

Soneva's Kiri resort is based on Koh Kood, where they have led the charge to limit mass-market growth and focus on high-yield and low-impact tourism, which sets it apart in a country where rampant growth is the norm. Read more.


The community tourism project
Treasure Beach, Jamaica

This string of charming, peaceful fishing villages on Jamaica’s south coast is being turned into a model of high-yield, community-based tourism thanks to a 100% community-led project with support from InterAmerican Development Bank. Read more.


The city
Portland, USA

A city packed with things to do to suit all tastes in Oregon, Portland gets that good city planning and tourism go hand in hand to drive real economic growth. It has revitalized parts of its downtown core, and encouraged micro-breweries and the cultural and retail investment that comes with that. Read more.


The territory
Nunavut, Canada

The largest but second least populous of Canada's territories, beautiful Nunavut has an established policy of encouraging Canadian First Nations investment, job creation and contracting and has a strong focus on promoting the area’s cultural integrity. Read more.

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