The Rise of the Conscious Traveller in 2019 Travel predictions give us hope

The Rise of the Conscious Traveller in 2019


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3 out of 8 travel predictions for 2019 by support sustainability for people and planet. The survey of 163 million verified guest reviews and 21,500 global travellers in 29 countries found that 2019 will see a more socially and environmentally conscious traveller become evident; that while single-use plastics will continue to be a hot topic, environmental concerns will turn into greater environmental action; and that travellers will want to add more purpose to their trips by learning life skills or giving back to locals through volunteering.

In an encouraging move for destinations trying harder than most to become genuinely sustainable, more than half of global travellers will choose not to go somewhere in 2019 if they feel it will negatively impact the people who live there. The 2019 traveller will also be asking heaps more questions about social, political and environmental issues in potential travel destinations before making a decision on where to visit. Millennials and Gen Z travellers in particular will be looking for sustainable experiences to offset their trip, and places to stay that reduce their plastic usage and increase their sustainability credentials.

To balance out their busy lives, more than half of the surveyed travellers will value experiences more than material possessions in 2019, would like to visit destinations that make them feel like a kid again, and would like to have more technologies that trouble shoot real time travel issues such as lost luggage. It will be increasingly important for travellers to think hard before they fly and offset carbon when they do, for other trends found many holidaymakers will want to experience shorter overnight or weekend trips in 2019 and to see space travel as a reality in the future – all of which points to an increased need for carbon-loaded transport, including short haul flights.

The survey also found travellers will want to stay in increasingly unique and remarkable types of accommodation in 2019, and that many have a desire to stay under the sea in the future. All the more reason for the travel industry to step up and build oodles of carbon neutral, zero waste, self sustaining places to stay.

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