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If you believe that we need a healthier world … for people, for planet and for future generations, reply #itmustbeNOW.

If you’ve experienced the devastation of a changing climate, reply #itmustbeNOW.

If you agree that radical change starts with each of us, reply #itmustbeNOW.

It’s the start of 2018. Tweet back or post #itmustbeNOW on your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram profiles and the NOW Forum with a photo and our rallying cry #itmustbeNOW. Come forward in a show of unity for sustainability.

We know ‘we are not moving fast enough’… and NOW is the time to act. The effects of climate change is at a tipping point after which the effects will become permanent and irreversible. We know it will get worse before it gets better. We know we are the solution.

Be a part of the big shift in positive thinking, consciousness and behavior. We are all travellers with a wallet. Be empowered to step up and speak out to drive positive change. Demand accountability and transparency … and support only sustainable travel experiences with accommodations and destinations that are a Force for Good.

We have one planet and it binds us together. The crisis of trust and public confidence in business, government and media ‘to do the right thing’ will continue to drop unless we see more accountability, more transparency, more urgent actions. The values and integrity of the companies we support are under a bigger magnifying glass from connected global consumers with an internal radar for the green spin.

NOW is a powerful movement with a mission to boldly advance sustainability, social responsibility and principled business practice in the travel industry. NOW is galvanizing like-minded travellers and the travel industry to be a Force for Good. We are all travellers and we believe that having a healthy planet must be our priority. We all expect safer, more responsible destinations and accommodations.

At the start of 2018, NOW is raising the bar on accountability and transparency in the travel industry, the number one employer of people worldwide. We are inviting inspiring and responsible hotels, resorts, lodges, cruise-liners and travel agencies to join us in a NOW Force for Good Alliance so travellers can find them, track their sustainable performance, be delighted by What’s Good Inside and Outside, and book direct (NOW does not charge commissions) in the NOW Track & Book tool. It will also include a calculator of travel carbon footprint and list credible offsets to purchase by mid 2018… and NOW will donate 100% of its gross revenue to sustainable travel research.

NOW Track & Book is an engaging and transparent tool for travellers, hotel employees and suppliers, travel agents and corporate bookers, media and influencers, owners and investors. NOW Track & Book will simplify sustainability so it is easier to understand and celebrate companies that step-up and applaud progress. Sustainability will redefine the travel experience. It is no longer just about perfection, unparalleled service, or being ‘The ‘Best in the World’. It is about stepping up, showing progress and being ‘The Best FOR OUR World’.

In 2018, It Must Be Now Magazine is all about inspiring sustainable travel. Each month we’ll be covering how to make our trips and choices more sustainable as travellers, profiling destinations and places to stay that are genuinely working hard to become more sustainable for both people and planet, and interviewing inspirational people.

It may feel discouraging these days to focus on climate and nature. For most of us, our relationship with nature is about love … this is powerful and wonderful, but love alone is not enough. It must also be about VALUE and INTEGRITY… valuing nature and being a messenger and influencer that inspires, drives change and empower each other to be the solution.

We all travel and have circles of influence … people who trust us – our peers, our friends, our families, our co-workers, our communities. Climate change is a moral issue and we all have a choice, a voice and a wallet. When you travel, choose to support responsible companies, offset your carbon footprint, reconnect with nature and people in the host communities.

Be a traveller who makes a difference and not just a tourist. Be a Force for Good. #itmustbeNOW

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