8 Things that are Killing Our Planet



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The time to act to limit climate change and build a more sustainable world is now. Here we simplify the issues in most need of the world’s attention so we can all begin (again).


The Water Crisis

80% of china’s water reservoirs are contaminated, and the rest of the world continues to over consume and contaminate its water supplies. 


The Climate Crisis

We are well on our way to a catastrophic 4°C rise in temperature by the end of the century, and climate change and its resulting extreme weather conditions contributes to the death by hunger and communicable diseases of 400,000 people every year (mostly children in developing countries).


Ocean Warming

The more energy we use, the higher the earth’s temperature, and with this has decreased the sea’s oxygen levels and caused the death of the marine life crucial to the delicate balance of the eco system our planet needs to survive and thrive.


Fisheries Depletion

Over-fishing in our seas, rivers and lakes has led to what scientists call eutrophication, or excessive plant growth. The fewer fish we have, the more plants that grow - the more plants that grow, the fewer fish we have - trapping us in a vicious cycle that gives us fewer fish to eat and upsets the delicate balance of the eco system our planet needs to survive and thrive.


Meat Consumption

We are eating more meat than we can sustainably produce - most particularly beef, because farming cows requires lots of land and water, erodes and depletes soil, leads to deforestation and (when cows belch and fart) emits methane, a greenhouse gas which has a 23 times higher negative impact on climate than carbon dioxide (CO2).


Population Growth

The United Nations predicts that by 2050 the world’s population will reach a whopping 9 billion - which means we’ll all be competing for increasingly scarce resources, it will be slower and more difficult to mobilise people to change, there’ll be further environmental pollution and increased political instability. 



Developed countries including the USA, the UK and Europe emit the most greenhouse gases, yet it is the poorest countries that suffer the most from environmental fallout. 5 billion people in the world still live below the poverty line, 3 billion are living on less than 1$ day with no access to basic water or energy, and hunger and malnourishment persist for many. Meanwhile, income inequality is rising, leading to heightened tension and social conflict.


The Energy Crisis

Most of our energy comes from coal and natural gas, which cause harmful emissions and further negative climate change. Energy needs are likely to remain unmet for hundreds of millions of households ongoing, unless we urgently find more sustainable sources of energy for all.

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