Your Spending Power Can Help Change Our World

Your Spending Power Can Help Change Our World


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Volatility has become our new normal. Our future is chaotic with political uncertainty, disruptive technologies, crisis of trust, over-population, dwindling resources and a materialistic lifestyle that cause massive economic disparities and damage to the environment. We endured loss and damage from extreme weather during the unprecedented climate events of 2017 and it is predicted that vulnerable cities, countries and people will face yet more extreme and disruptive weather events in 2018, with the potential for even greater volatility through social unrest, value chain disruption and stranded assets.

These overwhelming challenges have an enormous cost to people and planet and it is making many of us feel nervous and helpless and very concerned.

These challenges also present us with our greatest opportunities. People are survivors and we’ve made it this far by being able to recognize a need to adapt under changing conditions.

At NOW, we believe that sustainability, innovation and technology provides an opportunity and exciting alternatives. The growing public consciousness of sustainability issues and gaps in political leadership will increasingly open the way for business to step up to the challenge of sustainability leadership. Businesses will either lead, adapt or fail.

NOW believes that the key solution to the complex problems of sustainability is the consumer and the role they choose to play. Governments can do more in terms of policy and regulations, and more companies in the travel industry can run their business in a sustainable way. But the speed of their responses will be driven by the empowered consumer with the wallet that demands radical change in the sustainability agenda.

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The power is in our hands. This month, we launched the NOW Sustainability tool to boldly inform, inspire and empower the ‘consumer with the wallet’ to only support sustainable travel experiences and it raises the bar on accountability and transparency around sustainability. It’s young and bold and a new approach to driving radical change and making a positive difference.

Change starts with us. It must be NOW!

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