Why Your Voice Matters More Than Ever

Why Your Voice Matters More Than Ever


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With the implementation of the Paris Climate Agreement coming into effect in January of 2020, it is immensely important that our leaders know that this is something the people care about and the Global Climate Strike, starting on September 20th can be an important part of that. Inspired by the actions of young activists, such as Greta Thunberg and many around the world, it will last for seven days and people, young and old, will take to the streets to make it known to their leaders that they are demanding policy changes for the future of us all.

As momentous as the Paris Climate Agreement is, it is nothing more than a declaration of intent. There are no punishments for the wealthy nations failing to follow the agreement, at least not on the political international level, beyond a hit to credibility. Anyone who has paid any attention to international politics know that such open agreements are the first to fall to the wayside the moment local politicians see them to be politically inconvenient. After all, what’s the cost to them as politicians for not following the agreement? Some mean words from their neighbour countries who can’t vote for them?

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That is why we, the citizens of the countries that signed the agreement, have to be the one’s to ensure such agreements remain politically expedient to our politicians. Events like the Global Climate Strike exist for a number of reasons, such as rallying people together to know they’re not alone in their beliefs and bringing important topics to the attention of the masses but the most important part, at least in my opinion, is that our leaders see that this is in fact in their political interest. One cannot underestimate the importance of our voice when it comes to something like this. We have to make it clear to our politicians that we, the people, are the enforcers of the Paris Climate Agreement.

Here at NOW, we’ll be joining the Global Climate Strike. Our community are all over the world, so we will be everywhere, marching and protesting with all of you so that our leaders will know that we take the climate emergency seriously, and so should they.

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