Be One



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Moving you from the core of your being, body and soul, the ‘Be One’ album by Nicoleta Carpineanu preserves the traditional folkloric instruments and songs from her homeland Transylvania in an electronic music platform, woven together to create a vivid tapestry of the human experience.

Folkloric music is an art form that preserves history and the stories and sounds of those that came before us. It provides an outlet for individuals across boundaries of race, class and location to honestly express their highest joys and hopes, and their deepest struggles and sorrows.  It brutally lays bare the core of human condition and emotion, powerful songs that remind us of the long road we’ve traveled and give us strength for the journey ahead.

Nicoleta, also known as Nico de Transilvania, is creating her own sound.  In the beginning, the music she played was influenced by her childhood memories of old, traditional folk, gypsy and fanfare music. Having travelled around the world and experienced different landscapes, environments and cultures, she is bringing together the best world music blended with electronic beats and heavy baselines. She calls this genre Folkloric Electronic, influenced by her ancestral roots and love of electronic music.

With the ‘Be One’ album, Nico has also launched the charitable initiative Forests Without Frontiers after recording the musicians in the forest of Transylvania.  All album sales will go towards planting trees in Transylvania in the area where the musicians live to preserve their environment, to bring nature back to life and people back to nature.

For your loved ones, gift a ‘Be One’ album for Valentine’s Day on February 14.  Listen, buy and download ‘Be One’ album HERE  

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