NOW Advisors Hub

The NOW Advisors Hub can empower your team with scalable solutions to advance sustainability and decarbonisation, embrace purposeful experiences and transform hospitality.

Access qualified and experienced Specialists and Coaches. We can help to strengthen your team, to build up knowledge, skills and capacity, to implement an accredited science-backed sustainability programme, to make and save money, to prepare and help pass an independent audit and to become regulation compliant. We have a practical and firm “no nonsense” approach and knowledge of hotel operation practices that harm our sector, and know what is good and bad, how to improve and how to correct!


You need training to build capacity & achieve your goals

We will give access to a knowledge platform starting with top management followed by employees


Tell us what you do & claim about sustainability

We will advise whether you are Greenwashing or not


Tell us what you claim about sustainability

We will train you on transparent greenwash-proof reporting (Sustainability, ESG & CSR) to be compliant with Green Claims Directive


Tell us your problem

We will advise on certification schemes, implementation & audit preparation to be compliant, & greenwash-proof reporting & communications to engage stakeholders




Tell us what challenges you

Specialists & Coaches in sustainability, decarbonization, sustainable design & MarComm will help you understand regulations that affect your business & propose strategies & scalable solutions.


You don’t know where to start & don’t know exactly what is wrong

We will assess sustainability efforts & staff knowledge in relation to regulations, to identify where to save money with little or no investment. Prepare pre-audit reports & rehearse the audit day activity


You have doubts about what your supplier claims about sustainability

We will audit your supplier & determine whether they are greenwashing or not


You have achieved your goals & want to improve them even more

We will monitor your achievements & define the process of continuous improvement including pre-audit preparation to obtain certification

Regulating the Sustainability & Decarbonisation Journey

The European Union has taken the lead with a serious gumption-packed legislation package to better protect and better inform the consumer to advance the green economy.

Enforced in early 2024 – the Green Claims Directive (GCD) and the Directive to Empowering the Consumers for the Green Transition (ECGT) – will compel large businesses and SMEs worldwide targetting the EU consumer to substantiate their environmental claims with scientific evidence and verification from “approved” certification schemes and labels and independent auditors.

They complement two amended laws enforced since 2022 – the Unfair Commercial Practices Directive (UCPD) and the Consumer Rights Directive (CRD) – to battle greenwashing and demand better information on products.

Q&A – EU Regulations Affecting Businesses

  • Greenwashing +

  • Green Claims Directive (GCD) +

  • Sustainability Certification Schemes & Labels +

  • Empowering Consumers for Green Transition (ECGT) +