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Ka Kui Tse (K.K.) is instrumental in building the B Corp movement in Hong Kong to provide leadership for transforming businesses as a force for good. He demonstrated the power and potential of impact investing through the Social Investors Club, and inspired more individuals and organizations to invest in social-purpose organizations and B Corps.

He has popularized the Lean Startup approach to prove that startup failure rate of over 90% could be changed to success rate of over 70%, including social-purpose ventures. He is creating a sizable business focused on providing Growth Mindset training and coaching to corporates and other organizations. He is inspiring and supporting a number of organizations becoming role models in creating new power model with new values.

He created a world-first Inclusive Sport which engages wheel-chaired persons to coach and referee able-bodied persons to play a brand new ball game. This is part of his ambition to create a self-sustaining platform to providing fulfilling and rewarding careers to People of Differences (i.e. people with disabilities).

He is launching a world-first ReWirement program to disrupt the retirement paradigm and enable senior citizens to leverage their experience, resourcefulness and passion to create a better tomorrow for all.

KK is keen to join the global movement to transform the hospitality industry as a force for good. He is starting the local movement in Hong Kong with a view to highlighting ten high-profile players in this field.