Home NOW Advisory Board Advisory Member Detail

Kim Larson has a broad intersectional background, dedicating her career to building bridges and promoting healthy lifestyles through a variety of organizations, networking people from farmers to philanthropists. Advocating for safer regenerative farm practices (former Board Director, Rodale Institute) to nation-wide school lunchrooms (Founding Board Member of the Coalition for Better School Food) to eliminating urban food deserts (Board Member, DC Greens) to promoting more access to urban children to outdoor places (Special Advisor to Children & Nature Network), she serves on the BoD for Climate Ride, a philanthropically-minded non-profit which supports environmental causes. As well, Kim serves as VP of Thanks to Scandinavia Foundation in New York City dedicated to supporting visiting scholars and international journalists and also serves on the Yale University’s Institute for Biospheric Studies (YIBS) Advisory Board which is particularly focused on climate change post-doc research and solutions. She previously held the position of President of an International Women’s Club in Washington, DC as an elected member and post.

A graduate of UC Berkeley with Honors in Urban Studies with a focus on Livable and Sustainable Cities, she also holds a Master’s degree from the Elliot School of Public and International Affairs at George Washington University in Science, Technology and Public Policy. She was awarded a 6 month Fellowship from the Inter-Development Foundation in Washington, DC to support further advanced field research.

An outdoor enthusiast, Kim has cycled across America, summited Mount Kilimanjaro, walked across England, hiked around Mont Blanc twice and led numerous biking and hiking trips for groups in Europe and Latin America. She enjoys both rugged and luxury travel, always aiming to support eco-lodges and those properties which promote sustainable practices, accelerating the goal of achieving an earth in balance vs a planet in peril. Though enormous challenges are in play at this critical juncture in time, she remains hopeful that peoples’ will, creative ideas, common sense and smart policies will ultimately prevail. That is the mission of IT MUST BE NOW! and there is no other more important endeavor.

Kim lives in New York and Washington, DC with her husband, Gary Knell and they have 4 grown children.