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Tyler Kirk is a millennial member of the NOW Team. He has contributed to the creative direction of the NOW Forum and its various outreach, and assists in the editorial research of NOW Magz. 

Tyler’s avid interest in history, political science and travel is balanced with his fascination for online computer games, animation and social media. He is interested in marketing communications which he considers a big challenge with massive content available at our fingertips, yet many are massively misinformed by information, disconnected and disengaged. 

He believes that his “Y” generation is skeptical as a whole and wise to the green spin, and prefer their own peers, forums and platforms to be informed about issues and differing perspectives.   

He considers himself privileged to be able to travel extensively at a young age and believe his generation should travel to connect with global cultures to realise that we are all the same; and should only support companies that seriously help people and planet to make sure we have a better tomorrow. It must be NOW!