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NOW Force for Good Alliance

An affiliation of extraordinary places to stay that advance the wellbeing of people and planet by taking responsibility
for their impacts on communities and the environment. They are hotels that are better and inspiring because they do more than just sustain, they replenish and respect limits with sustainability* at its core; and help create a just, sustainable and resilient world.

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Why is NOW vital to a hotel’s recovery and resilience?

NOW makes it easier for hotels to be sustainable.
Sustainability with accountability and transparency, reduce/offset carbon footprints and support SDGs.**
ROI = Save money

NOW helps drive direct bookings with no commission charged.
Consumers are increasingly looking for sustainable accommodation and travel experiences.
ROI = Increase revenue

NOW provides a differentiation and strengthens brands and reputation.
Help hotels build trust by being purposeful, transparent, and trustworthy (which travellers love).
ROI = Customer loyalty, attract talents and be held in high esteem

In 2021, the conscious consumer will scrutinize every aspect of a destination, the companies they support and their supply chain. They are sustainable minded and they make decisions that enhance their wellbeing, and the lives of people and the natural world. They look for initiatives relating to energy conservation, water conservation, recycling and less waste, amenities and cleaning products, and carbon reduction and neutrality. They make informed choices and assess the sustainability of a hotel before they book for accountability and transparency.

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Alexa Poortier – Founder (

*NOW defines sustainability as wellbeing of people and our planet. It’s development and action that takes responsibility for our total impact on the community and the environment, to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. The goal is to be carbon positive and support the 17 Global Goals with
accountability and transparency.

** Sustainable Development Goals



NOW Recovery & Resilience Resources

Uncertainty describes our present and future reality.

These resources are for individuals and companies that choose to be part of the solution. They feel a responsibility to drive transformative
change in their development, operations, products and services to deliver on sustainability expectations with accountability and transparency.
They are using the power of business to help solve social and environmental challenges for the wellbeing of our world.

Spotlight on NOW Hotel Members

Our guests travel to this beautiful location in the heart of the Swiss Alps for its unspoiled flora and fauna, the crystal-clear mountain streams and the majestic glaciers. The vulnerability of this sensitive environment requires us to reflect critically on our business and the affect of our actions.

The Alpina Gstaad has decided to join the NOW Force for Good Alliance, striving to be an active frontrunner in sustainable luxury tourism.

Tim Weiland - General Manager of The Alpina Gstaad, Switzerland

It was clear that NOW would take us on a focused and thorough sustainability journey and we specially like the idea of  striving towards an accreditation for our actions.

It created a lot of work initially and made us think hard about what we did and didn’t do, answer tough questions and commit to the right way forward. We realized the good things we were doing and highlighted the many gaps which we are now rapidly closing. Our young team want their work place to take the right steps to reduce waste and do the right thing for the environment. Guests notice and a few applauded us for our actions.

We are aiming high in all that we do and this includes our sustainability goals. NOW is most definitely proving to be a Force for Good.

Sue Williams - General Manager of Whatley Manor Hotel, Malmesbury, UK

"Sustainability is at the heart of Soneva. Our core purpose is engaging an imaginative "SLOW LIFE". We have incorporated Sustainability into our fabric from the very beginning, when we started in 1995.

We are pleased to team up with NOW to drive sustainability throughout the Industry.

Sonu Shivdasani - Owner
Soneva Kiri in Thailand; Soneva Jani and Soneva Fushi in the Maldives

We are very happy to be collaborating with NOW and starting on our sustainability journey.

As an industry we all need to be making steps to become more sustainable and NOW is an excellent force driving this initiative. The exercise proved very useful in highlighting the areas where we can make positive changes and I am excited to begin our commitment to a sustainable future.

Andrew Coney – General Manager of The Hari, London

Merchants Manor Spa Hotel has proudly become the first hotel in the UK to join a global project to create a sustainable future for us all. The NOW Force for Good Alliance is the first global community that brings hospitality business and the traveller together in one place to make a difference to the environment, the community and the way we travel. It makes the hotels visibly accountable and gives travellers a choice in where they stay that goes beyond simply a sticker on the door.

We have been lucky enough to meet the team behind It Must Be Now in person and found their story so powerful and moving that we signed up on the spot. We have adopted this partnership as central to our goals for the business and really challenge all the hotels to join us in this initiative. If ever there was a time for us all to come together and reduce our impact – It Must Be NOW!

Nick & Sioned Rudlin - Owners, Merchants Manor, Falmoputh, UK

NOW Marketing Alliance Partners

Pride Of Britain

Hospitality brands that move beyond greenwashing to demonstrate how they are minimizing their social and environmental footprint are reaping the rewards in customer loyalty. Fueled by a passionate team of travel industry experts, the NOW Force for Good Alliance is a valuable resource for hotels seeking guidance on how to reduce their carbon footprint and communicate those efforts to travelers who place sustainability at the top of their checklist. Preferred Hotels & Resorts cares about our earth and is committed to fueling a resounding belief in travel, and we are proud to partner with NOW as part of our continuous drive to educate our independent member hotels on how they can enhance their environmental and social contributions and inspire others to take action. Lindsey Ueberroth, CEO, Preferred Hotels and Resorts

India: The Leela Palace New Delhi Netherlands: Grand Hotel Huis Ter Duin Switzerland: The Alpina Gstaad, Hotel Storchen Zurich UK: The Hari London USA: Beechwood Hotel Massachusetts

Pride Of Britain

Pride of Britain Hotels are pleased to have joined NOW Transforming Hospitality GmbH as an alliance partner in recognition of the importance our 50 member hotels attach to protecting the environment. Peter Hancock, Chief Executive, Pride of Britain

UK: Grantley Hall, The Torridon, The Athenaeum Hotel, Whatley Manor

It Must Be NOW!

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Message from NOW Chairman & CEOOnno Poortier

NOW Strategic Partners

EarthCheck is extremely excited to be working with the NOW team. We are impressed with their passion to advance sustainability and responsible business practices in the travel and tourism industry and for their commitment to raise the bar on industry reporting standards.

As an industry we need to embrace the need for transformative change. Greenwash and the acceptance of poor environmental and social performance are no longer acceptable. NOW will ask the right questions and provide insights and advice on what best practice really looks like. Tourism desperately needs an open and honest conversation on sustainable business practices. NOW will provide that.

Stewart Moore, Founder & CEO, EarthCheck

NOW is right along the line with our own philosophy and engagements for sustainability & eco-luxury in the hospitality industry. We are also concerned regarding ‘green-wash’, the misuse and manipulation of ‘sustainability’. I believe that our collaboration is a potentially significant and important persuasive tool vis-a-vis colleagues who are either not informed or simply still sitting on the fence.

Frank M. Pfaller, CEO, Hoteliers Guild / CoutureHospitalityConcept

At South Pole, we work to accelerate the transition to a climate-smart economy and society. To do so successfully, we need all sectors on board. NOW is uniting leading hotels and key players in the global travel industry, so signing on as a strategic partner gives us the opportunity to continue driving the sustainable transition of travel – and at a time when the number of global travellers is on the rise, this is more important than ever.

Renat Heuberger, Co-Founder & CEO, South Pole