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NOW is a global community of likeminded people who believe travellers have the responsibility to be a Force for Good. The NOW Forum is our 'global public square' where you are welcome to rally for open discussions, learn new things, stand up for our beliefs, ask questions and disagree in ways that embrace multiple discourses, ideas and voices.

For travellers who want to make a difference, this is also the space to share your 'good, bad and ugly' sustainability experiences and discoveries. Let’s cheer the good and the goodest, and let’s be constructive towards the bad and the ugly (we mean selfish). We believe in the power of creative ideas and solutions to help drive positive change, and we do not shame, humiliate or embarrass since it does not work to change behavior.

At NOW, our positive strategy is simple… we will whole heartedly support inspiring hotels, resorts, cruise ships, train hotels and B&B lodgings which are credibly proven to be sustainable, and trying to make the world a better place and improving lives. We like to make a positive impact with our purchases and our wallets have a powerful voice… so let us know your recommendations.

itmustbeNOW Magazine – June Issue No 2 featured Dr. Susanne Becken in INSPIRED PEOPLE. A Professor of Sustainable Tourism and the Director of the Griffith Institute for Tourism at Griffith University, she was instrumental in the development of the Global Sustainable Tourism Dashboard. She has been asked by big travel and tourism organisations – DO TRAVELLERS CARE ABOUT SUSTAINABILITY? The NOW Forum aims to assist Dr. Becken to answer this question. 

We are all travellers … post your travel experiences, share articles on topics you care about, tell us about game changer companies and passionate people that makes a difference, respond to others in the NOW Community and inspire with your bold and empowered actions to advance sustainability and drive collective change in the world. Be counted as a traveller who cares about sustainability.


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