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  • I cannot seem to enter a Topic title here, but what I want to talk about is the importance of Chemical-free skincare in hotel Spas and the various contraditions that wellness programmes invariably contain.

    Spas are big business these days and it seems that just about every high-end hotel and resort has jumped upon the wellness bangwagon, promising detox, wellness, better sleep etc etc.

    However, few truly address the real problems that 21st Century guests face.

    Spas offer detox soutions using chemically-laden Spa products, which is a contradiction in terms. The body absorbs 60% of anything that is put onto the skin, so if you would not eat it, then you should not rub it into your skin.

    Hotel spas offer sleep programmes, yet fail to recognise that their rooms are equipped with bedside electromagnetics that have been shown to interfere with sleep. WiFi interferes with sleep. Charging smart phones by your bed interferes with sleep.

    It is fashionable to be concerned with sustainability and the environment, yet how many hoteliers really understand or care about the root causes of many 21st Century health problems?

    If we take care of ourselves by avoiding as many man-made chemicals as possible and eschew an excess of electromagnetics, then our impact on the environment will, quite naturally, be reduced.

    Unfortunately, there are too many vested interests in these things for most hotels to have the courage to change. Until we recognise that in harming ourselves, we are harming the environment, then I doubt anything will change too much.

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    This is a really good point and one which is very relevant in the luxury travel industry, where travellers’ expectations for high tech gadgets in their room, and results-driven spa treatments (not necessarily using natural / chemical free products) counterbalance certain efforts to be sustainable.

    It’s up to the traveller to voice what is more important to them – it’s only then that hoteliers will respond!

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      Alexa Poortier
      Participant agrees with you, GalivantersGuide … it is important to create awareness of chemical-free skincare in hotel Spas and the various contradictions that wellness programmes invariably contain. It is rare to read an article or post like yours which covers these important issues in the wellness industry and hotels with spas … many journalists would like to, but travel publications do not like to upset their advertisers.

      View itmustbeNOW Magazine – October Issue No 6 – The Wellness Issue … we will put a spotlight on the contradictions, when wellness offered by hotel spas is not healthy for people and planet.

      Many hotel Spas are evolving into Wellness Centers and into MedSpas … but it is unregulated. Most spas are in hotels that are not sustainable or credibly certified. So its good to ask the tough questions when booking … “Tell me about your sustainability program and certification … are you audited every year?

      It is a vicious cycle … when we harm ourselves, we do harm the environment … and when we harm the environment, we also harm ourselves! We know people are the problem … and people are also the solution. I agree with Kath, the traveller must speak up … the empowered traveller holds the wallet and has a choice to only support a spa or hotel that is serious about sustainability and wellness … and they also have a mobile phone to share their photos and experience in the NOW Forum. We are the solution … so change starts with us!


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