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  • A ‘Noble Mission’ beyond the standard hospitality scheme!

    For years, in my previous posting, I have been seen as an “atypical” General Manager in an atypical place, therefore difficult to relocate anywhere!
    Luckily it was not necessary to relocate me as I embraced my new, challenging posting, with joy and commitment.

    For decades in the Tibetan areas within the Himalayas region and particularly in Tibet, the image of the Tibetan hospitality was mainly affected by stereotypes, was seen as low quality in its services, its facilities etc. One of the main reasons was due to the lack of proper understanding of the hospitality business as such, as well as due to the lack of professional education in the vocational schools who urgently would need to offer tailored programs to local interested students. For a long time it was not considered to have a prime role in the tourism industry.

    The international brands with experience in the globalization of design, of taste and of environment, managed to take the lead in many areas creating the image of guarantee of proper facilities, of quality service and products, however without really delivering the most precious, namely the local, authentic experience, in terms of culture and lifestyle.

    There is no doubt that the globalization of hospitality had a positive impact at the first stage on the local hospitality industry, an eye opener on the up- to- date facilities, quality products and better services. However, in the meantime the domestic market has learned and has grown a different kind of hospitality, has created a different , higher quality of hospitality meeting increasingly the requirements of the domestic and international guests.

    First part of Noble Mission in hospitality – Lhasa Tibet


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