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  • It can be observed that the globalization, in the hospitality industry today has, as main goal standardization of the environment, of taste, of design, etc. while the world is tremendously opening to everyone via the internet, presenting diversity in all possible aspects. It is this diversity, the authentic local favor, culture that is more and more appreciated and searched, as we can experience in our boutique hotels and resorts group.

    For the fast growing segment of insights travellers in search of personal discovery, personal development and memorable experience, travelling means a different experience from home, an experience of different culture and lifestyle, a discovery of a new culinary journey memories to bring back home of different landscapes, people.

    As a senior, experienced General Manager, with a very different approach and views than probably most colleagues in the hotel industry, I am very fortunate to have a noble mission to achieve. If for decades in Lhasa, international brands were leading the upscale hotel business, my mission is to lead the local hotel industry with a genuine Tibetan resort reflecting every detail of the local architecture, design, culture and lifestyle.

    For thousands of guests and visitors, our Lhasa Songtsam Linka property is definitely unique on the Himalayan plateau. It will change the stereotyped image of the Tibetan lodging industry once it is experienced.

    As an ‘atypical GM’ my role is much more diverse from a charismatic leader, to a trainer, with some father-like behavior patterns, with a caring heart and spirit, to lead and develop a localized management team in order to reach an upscale level within the hospitality industry.

    Second part of Noble Mission in hospitality – Lhasa Tibet


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