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  • As for training concepts, if using systems and methods based on different environment, values, lifestyles or believes we have most chances to create a dysfunction within the company.
    Similar contents of training could be approached by a way it surely resonate within the local team and create enthusiasm and compliance to, without much efforts.

    Success of managing a diversity company is not anymore to build a bridge in between an outside concept and the local team, a bridge that offers unwanted and unknown destinations.

    The bridge has to change into a main pillar resulting in the main foundations of the company, for example our pillars are built on local culture, lifestyle and believes, we then build around various skills to bring us to recognized level of hospitality.

    For the local market, the Lhasa people have already took as “their” retreat in Lhasa Songtsam Linka, which reflects indeed part of their heritage and roots. Their continuous, increased presence, is evidence! I could today only hope that overseas and domestic travel agencies will make the same choice for their clientele in search of the true discovery of Tibetan authentic hospitality in a comfortable resort with a lively local culture.

    Indeed the mission goes far beyond the standard scheme within the upscale hospitality, to preserve identity and culture, to give a better future to young locals deprived of proper education for numerous reasons, to have active social responsibilities, to guarantee freshness of our home made food, to support local products, to support quality products from the Himalaya with own identity, with deep impact on the local population, and to show that today the world needs to preserve authenticity that makes travelling the world of a life experience.

    Today Songtsam Hotels and resorts share the same mission and goals in Yunnan and Tibet offering exclusive and meaningful travels with high quality services and products.

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