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    Jocelyn Pedersen

    Wow, just watched this movie!

    From the very first minute you are on the roller coaster of emotions – ranging from joy, sadness to sheer horror!!
    This is not a new twist to science fiction dystopia, but the real countdown for our planet and it’s inhabitants..

    Do yourself and your planet a favour and watch it.

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    Alexa Poortier

    Watching An Inconvenient Sequel – Truth to Power was like watching a horror movie, but worse because we know it is real and it is not one incident in one destination … it is happening in every continent. It’s time to connect the dots!

    We, the people, have become a force of nature and we cannot escape our negative impacts affecting all countries, our oceans and the wildest corners of our planet. We are causing our climate to change and it is the biggest threat of our time. And the worst part is … we have brought this on ourselves!

    Climate change is a topic that makes most of us feel helpless and people involved in driving change have many moments and emotions that fluctuate between hope and despair. The great news is that there are many solutions today. We are the problem … and we are also the solution. Each of us have a choice which side to take.

    Watch the movie and let’s choose to be inconvenient … let’s choose to be a part of the solution.


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