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    A ban is to be set in place by early next year in the UK, following several years of calls from anti-pollution environmentalists to end everything from face wash and scrubs to toothpaste being made with the damaging substances. It’s about time … it must be NOW!

    Humanity is facing an unprecedented global challenge and the removal of plastic from our oceans will be extremely difficult and the magnitude lies below the ocean surface. Microbeads are impossible to remove. The are so small … and they are eaten by the fish we eat! Today, there’s are more plastics in the ocean than plankton, the nutritious food for fish.

    The use of plastics and our dependency is one of the biggest injustice we’ve done to ourselves and the planet … the fight is a global problem.

    Everyday, we have a choice and have the power of our wallets to drive change … let’s stop buying products with microbeads and refuse buying anything – food, bottled drinks, grocery, coffee lids, straws, groceries ) with single use plastic.


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