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    The diversity of life on earth is dependent on one element – water. Over 70% of our planet is water and 97% of that is salt water. The health of our planet lies in the health of our oceans. Our increasing population and dependency on disposable products is rapidly polluting our ocean. There are more plastic then plankton in our oceans.

    People often think that just because food is sold in a plastic container or in plastic bottles, that it is healthier … but research show the chemicals in the plastic will leach into our food and will leach into our oceans … if people have their blood tested, we will find chemicals from plastic in in our blood. These chemical affects the hormone system which impacts obesity and reproduction, and the chemicals cause cancers.

    We all have to take responsibility that everything we buy comes triple wrapped or twice covered in plastic. It will be us that changes how companies package stuff. IF we as individuals stand up to say I will not buy that … we will set the tone.

    Humanity is facing an unprecedented global challenge. The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it. Everyday, we have a choice … make the choice to refuse single use plastic.


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