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    Brad Frankel

    I listened to this show last night ( and it was so interesting: pros and cons of tourism.

    What frustrated me the most was that they were all well-travelled so have all gained the benefits from this, cultural awareness, open mind, adaptation to new environments….there are many attributes we gain through travel and it would be ‘criminal’ to deny the youth of today the same opportunity.

    At 24mins George Monbiot said: “less of a danger than it used to be because we are now globally connected when we are at home”. This scares me even more as kids today are too connected online and I feel they are missing out on so much by not actually getting out there and seeing it, just watching through their phones. We know a world without phones but they don’t.

    Because of this they are developing less social skills, less passion for the outdoors and as result becoming worse global citizens. They may be more connected at home, but not experiencing it first-hand inhibits behavioural changes and creates greater distance as they feel the issue is far away from them, and their world, and it doesn’t matter.

    We need to make carbon offsetting compulsory or airlines need to factor this in. We need to educate travellers about their impact but some will never care, which is why it’s the operator’s duty to take on this responsibility.

    Some ‘tourists’ will always want to go away to drink cheap booze and probably still buy a Starbucks or McDonald’s and there are only so many minds that we can try to change. But, if the operator is taking on this responsibility, offsetting flights, including local suppliers and not just looking at cost, change will happen.

    This, to me, is why it is so important to educate the youth of today as not only can we start to change their mindset and create good habits but they are the ones that are going to witness this change the most.

    What are your thoughts?

    Brad Frankel BSc (Hons)
    Travel addict, food lover and conservationist

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    Alexa Poortier

    This is inspiring. I believe that young people hold the key to a better future for all of us. As a parent, most of us try to teach our children to help them lead a more productive life, but many of us forget to teach children about their impact on the planet and why it’s important for them and the rest of the world. In fact, it is sometimes the youth who are teaching the adults to do better.

    Brad, I think that FLOOGLEBINDER is inspiring and empowering in its mission to teach the youth about conservation and sustainable development through real life travel experience that connects them with like-minded people, nature and biodiversity. These are vital lesson that they can use in their lives and can make them more responsible adults. These are travel experiences that will also be amazing for families with children.

    Young people have an enormous stake in the present and future state of our planet and their participation in all aspects of sustainable development is a powerful opportunity for society. Almost half of the human population is under the age of 25. Young people’s resources of energy, time and knowledge must be directed towards building a better world for all of us and future generations … and not be misdirected towards violence, terrorism, socially-isolating technologies and unsustainable consumption.

    The fact that FLOOGLEBINDER offer to voluntarily lecture students taking biology and geography in schools, with a priority to schools in London boroughs with the highest unemployment rates and one of the lowest household incomes, speak volumes about your passion to promote sustainability through education and travel for all levels. This not only gives young people vital life lessons, it also gives them skills and hope. Plus you support 1% For the Planet. This is what I call “walking the IT MUST BE NOW talk”!

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