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    Alexa Poortier

    ‘Today marks the day by which the human race will have used more of Earth’s natural resources than the planet can renew in the whole year …’

    And it is projected that if we continue to consume that way we do, this day will take place earlier every year … and by 2030, it will take place in June. This is in 13 years!

    Each of our small contribution can make a big difference. Let us do our part and reduce our impact on our planet. It must be NOW.

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    Geeta Bakshi

    Very true. The survival of the natural environment and humanity are interdependent. It is very important for all of us to take affirmative action to protect the natural environment.

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    It is sad to know. The solution for this lies in exploring sustainable living in all applicable areas that have been exploited by humans whether it is food, rapid urbanization of cities, population and energy. And I think the best way to sow the seed of sustainable living is by bringing reforms in education sector, teaching the young generation (the future leaders) about its benefits; to protect the ecological resources and our planet earth.

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      Brad Frankel

      Hi Paramdeep – I couldn’t agree with you more, I’m going to start a fresh discussion on this as I think it’s a huge topic as they’ve inherited our bad practice and we need to get them on board to realise how important their actions are but it’s tricky as to install this awareness at a young age can be hard. We try to do this through outside learning as the truth is, it’s more enjoyable for them to get out the classroom. Plus, when they experience something practically they evoke a much stronger connection which can lead to behavioural changes and action.

      The pic I’ve attached is from a school group, who we took out to Greece for our turtle conservation project. They got so on board with the beach clean up as after a few days of conserving turtles they realised the importance of their actions – this is what we need to do more of…get them out there to experience it and see it with their own eyes.

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