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    First-Of-Its-Kind Farm Uses Seawater and Solar Power to Grow Crops

    “Much of the current innovation in farming focuses on how to integrate technology into the food we produce by genetically engineering crops and livestock for improved production, increased resilience to disease, or better adaptability to weather-changing climate patterns. But a new development out of Australia doesn’t want to change what we farm — it wants to change how we farm.

    Sundrop Farms in South Australia is using a combination of solar power and seawater to produce food in the middle of a desert and completely independent of nonrenewable resources. Every day, seawater is pumped 2 km (1.24 miles) from the Spencer Gulf to the 20-hectare farm. The water is then run through a desalination system that produces up to 1 million liters of fresh water every day, which is then used to irrigate 18,000 tomato plants inside a greenhouse.”

    This amazing! Don’t you think?

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