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  • Air travel is highly polluting. Recently I returned from South Africa as a passenger on a freighter which is basically a carbon neutral way of travelling. It’s not as easy or convenient as hopping on a plane and initially more expensive though not if compared to most cruises and far more rewarding (to me anyway) I’d love to see the idea of freighter travel more widely discussed

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    Carbon Zero Travel

    “Carbon Zero Travel. Our most common question: Yes, it’s true, voyaging by Freighter is considered Carbon Neutral.
    That is because the ship is sailing anyway and your presence on board makes no difference. Even if you are still concerned – it is also a fact that Freighters are the most efficient means of transporting cargo around the world. So go green and sail with us…”

    This is the online sales pitch from Freighter Travel and others … but is it really a carbon neutral way to travel? Of course your presence makes a difference … if the freighter is emitting carbon, as a passenger, your presence is part of it. Same with a plane … or a car, even if you hitching a ride and it is going to the same location, your journey has a carbon footprint. NOW’s Think Piece about Carbon-offsetting may interest you … To calculate your carbon footprint independently, Friends of the Earth has a good tool at

    Hi Rowena … I’m Alexa, the Founder of NOW. We’d love to hear more about your freighter adventure and your rewarding experience. I’ll also get the NOW Editorial Team to explore this further … it’s an interesting and fascinating way to travel.


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