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    I’m truly pleased to inform that HoteliersGuild, the private society of international luxury hoteliers, has entered into a supporting partnership with NOW. We are much looking forward to actively promote this noble cause and back the efforts of our Hon. Ambassador Onno Poortier and his wife Alexa via our global membership. I shall personally introduce some of our distinguished owner/operators as well as some selective GM’s who operate eco-luxury properties around the world and whom I know will be delighted to contribute towards our common goals of sustainability in all the aspects of hospitality. Whilst large hotel corporations do in fact employ full time CRS managers, the task of overseeing these respective challenges in an independently operated hotel comes back to the owner/operator who has been clever enough to having identified “SUSTAINABILITY” not only as a differentiating factor for his/her marketing efforts, but that it also serves as a competitive advantage for an ever growing segment of discerning travellers. Ever since I founded HoteliersGuild more than a decade ago, we are urging our colleagues to make sustainability an integral part of their business model. This should be done by building it into their business strategies, fully integrate it into their brand and tie it to their core business. Like this it’ll become a key element in our decision-making and ensure, for example, that our suppliers and other partners also observe strong sustainability practices. Since ‘green-washing’ is definitely out, we should do so using recognized and measurable sustainability metrics, i.e. the ones suggested by NOW. We are urging our members and ALL eco-luxury hoteliers to ask themselves these questions: What is your definition of sustainability? Do you have a sustainability policy and is it accessible to your the board/management/employees? Are you measuring your progress using recognizable, comparable metrics? USE SUSTAINABILITY AS A PROFIT GENERATING TOOL!


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