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  • Better Places Travel is part of Better Places (NL), a social enterprise in travel that provides 100% tailor-made authentic travel experiences in accordance with responsible and sustainable tourism practices. Better Places puts travelers in contact with local experts to design unique experiences around nature and the local population, ensuring money directly supports local communities. Their “Better Places for people to live in, Better Places to visit” mission is carried out through their focus on ecolodges, family-run homestays, responsible tours and carbon emission offsets. Better Places not only offsets emissions from in-country flights, accommodations and tours, but also international flights—all at their expense.

    Travelers work with local experts, who are expatriates living in the country or locals with extensive tourism experience, to design their own, unique trip that includes small-scale accommodations (e.g. ecolodges and homestays), in-country transportation, and excursions with local guides.

    Better Places Travel has also partnered with Dopper whose mission is to reduce single-use plastic and provide everyone with access to clean drinking water. All 2017 bookings will include a Dopper bottle, compliments of Better Places Travel, with a portion of the proceeds benefiting the Simavi Foundation: a health organization working to improve drinking water conditions in some of the world’s poorest countries. Better Places Travel is also working with their local partners to set up refill stations for travelers in areas where tap water is unsafe.

    “With the growth we’ve seen in The Netherlands and Germany in such a short time period, we wanted to bring Better Places to a wider international audience,” says marketing manager Marcela Rilovic. “Our expansion into the English-speaking markets will enable more travelers to visit countries responsibly—as travelers, not just as tourists.”

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