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    To save nature, we cannot be scared of the deep end. We must learn to swim according to the CEO of Conservation International.

    I watched BEFORE THE FLOOD with Leo di Caprio when it was released in late 2016. It was ominous … and terrifying … and also hopeful since we have solutions.

    Here we are in late 2017 … and this year we witnessed the floods AND the hurricanes, the infernos in California, volcanoes on the verge of exploding and climate refugees on the move. Coverage of the recent One Planet Summit in Paris noted “We are not doing enough.” In 2015, 2degree was the projected increase. In late 2017, it jumped to 3 degree or more.

    I believe that each of us can make a difference. If you like to travel and you are a Force for Good, come forward in a show of unity for sustainability, send us a message here or in Facebook, or an email, or tweet #ItMustBeNOW.


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